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Monday, November 14, 2005

1963; The Present and The Future

The year 1963. The Indian Army unleashed by Nehru and egged on by Menon rolled down the Ghats into Goem. At this fateful hour of our history, when the future of Goemcars rested on the pride and courage of the then pillars of Goemcar society, this spineless elite let us down. If they had taken up Salazar's offer, a selfish one, but nonetheless because of the desperate situation the Portuguese found themselves in, a genuine one, and declared themselves a separate entity, Goemcars would have today enjoyed a life style and ethos so much more different and better. But the fenim induced Dutch courage Goemcars are so renowned for, evaporated with the advance of the Indian army and Goemcar 'fidalgos' meekly sat back. The rest is history.

Much water has flowed down the Mandovi. Before every vestige of Goemcarponn disappears, let us commit ourselves to resurrecting the Goem of old . To start with, an anthem. What sweeter sound than "Vudon gelem paruvianchem bhirem...." The rest will follow. We Goemcars have proved ourselves on varied battle fields throughout history - military, diplomacy, academic, medicine, science, sports, literature. There is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself.

I am not calling for an armed struggle. In the modern world that would be archaic and stupid. Let us begin by uniting on the world wide web. And then make arrangements to gather our 'pindka' in a modern day Eden. Recreating somehow, someday, sometime, somewhere - Goem Dourada.


Anonymous Thomas Correia said...

May your wish come true.

4:48 am  

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