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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Viva Goem

Indian vs. Goan

By Arwin Mesquita

I am proud to be citizen of a country with the Worlds major religions and a variety of different cultures.
The essence here is that different types of people make up our great country; Goan culture & identity being part of it. It is very important that these cultures & respective identities are preserved.
Opinions are voiced that since Goans are free to buy land/migrate to any part of India (exception Kashmir); the same should be for all other communities towards Goa. I appreciate this view but do not agree; most of the states in India have sizeable sizes/populations and migrations from other states will not make a significant change to their culture. One argument for example; Mumbai has majority non-Maharashtrian population but; Mumbai is a non-local minority city in a local majority state. Bottom line is that there is no threat to the Maharashtrian culture!!
What we face in Goa today is a threat to our culture and identity; in a few years time will there be a place we can call home? With the current trend, I seriously doubt it. It is in this view that we need to push for an exception to the norm; which could even mean taking up the issue the Indian Government for constitution changes to preserve Goan Culture & Identity. In hindsight, I believe that we have negotiated this at the time of liberation.
There are many communities e.g. The Kurds who long for a place to call their own and here we have a place but, are giving it away.
Lastly my opinion is that each individual needs a sense of belonging and identity; A lot of Goans shun our language, culture and customs either due to embarrassment or other reasons. Each one of us should ask ourselves the question i.e. Do we want the Goa we know to go away? If the answer is yes, then I rest my case!!


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