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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uncle Jose rest in peace

Jose De Souza was not really an uncle of mine. But that nice Goemcar practice of anybody over forty being given the avuncular title, meant that this man was, as the norm dictated, Uncle. And much liked.

Jose was well known in Moira. He was the scion of one of the ‘vhoddli’ families. I believe, his family tree spans the Nazares’, Gamas’, Pais’. All societal pillars in the village of Moira. As is with such families, Jose was related to myriad men and women of the cloth, as also dotors and advocates. Padr Luis Caitan, his brother was the long standing chaplain of the capella in the vaddo of Pirazona. And the present Patriach of the East Indies too, is one of his multitudinous cousins. An aside to these facts, virtually every house around Jose’s has given forth either a priest or a nun.

In his own right Jose was extremely proud of the fact that he was a member of that famous Paranjoti Chorus. He never tired of narrating his trips to Europe where he and his fellows regaled, apparently, distinguished audiences.

The vaddo of Pirazona has lost a stalwart. Moira a good and well liked ganvcar.

He will be missed. Very much.

May GOD grant his soul eternal rest.


Xanno Moidecar


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