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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Friends, Goemcars, Countrymen.

The Goem that we knew; the Goem that we loved; the real Goem Dourada does not exist any more in the Gomantak of today. Admittedly there are enclaves and little oasis of the khorem Goem still extant. But they are too few and far between for our idyllic haven to be resurrected to the glory that we knew. We have got to re-create our community with our ethos, culture, cuisine, music, theatre, literature et al.

The usage of the English tongue, a language that has become the de facto and de jure lingua franca of the world wide Goemcar diaspora, will have to be adopted as the binding link. Like the Irish and the Jews with their Gaelic and Hebrew, Roman script Concannim will have to used and taught and learned to ensure our progeny maintain their links to our history.

The only way an international community like the Goemcars can sustain common roots and bonds is via the internet. We should start with the world wide web and then plan physical get togethers, massive 'jamborees' of Goemcars.

Goemcars contribute your ideas and let us commence Operation Bangarachem Goem - Goem Dourada. The European, Indian, Arabic, Christian 'khichri' that is the true Goem. Let us proudly proclaim to the world that we are truly Goemche dottore-vhoile - Niz Khorre Goemcars.


Anonymous Ravalnath Pai said...

Cator re bhaji

3:22 pm  

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