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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The forthright Moidecho Silva

Da Danm’d Code

There’s an oft touted phrase “truth is stranger than fiction”; so where does one draw the line between purposefully distorted truth and fiction? “Da Danm’d Code” flirts with the truth in demonic fashion. Consider the atrocious connections hinted at, or insinuated, in the following:

*Opus Dei is linked to manipulation resulting in multiple murder; it is made out to be an organisation mired in intrigue; and it indulges in ritualistic sexual orgies. This is slanderous and uncalled for.
*Leonardo da Vinci is made out to be a schemer and an apostate. This amounts to posthumous defamation in very poor taste.
*Jesus of Nazareth is painted as a cheat, an imposter and a deviant. This is downright blasphemy. It is a tenet of Christian faith that the nature of Jesus was divine: He came from the Father. It is satanic to suggest that Jesus was anything else.
For Christians to be appalled is but natural. It is a reality that evil rules the world today. But we are called to choose Truth and denounce evil. That is why millions are stirred up around the world by “Da Danm’d Code.

Letter by Mr Nazar Silva, Moira.

Comment: As usual Nazar Silva has expressed his forthright views very succinctly. However, he can rest assured that after surviving two thousand years of good and bad - doing it and having it done to it, the Catholic Church will survive this blasphemous fiction.
A thought worth remembering though is that, if such blasphemy had been written about the Prophet Mohammed, all hell would have broken loose.
In the meantime the followers of the Son of Man should harken to his tenets of turning the other cheek. There is no stronger philosophy in this world.


Blogger Mike said...

I think the catholic church is making too much out of this. Most people who have read the book realize it's fiction. The only thing the church has done is raise more interest in the book itself...and probably the movie as well.

2:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly. But the irritating goad is the simple fact that if this sort of controversy had anything to do with Islam then the Dan Brown's of this world would be sulking in their lairs.

7:59 pm  

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