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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Valente Lobo - Rest in peace

A son of the vaddo of Pirazona in the village of Moira, Valente lived most of his life abroad. In Africa and the UK. He was the brother of the well known engineer and Goan environmentalist Urban Lobo and the first cousin of Padr Athanasio Lobo; who used to be a Professor in the Seminary of Rachol and the Secretary to the Patriarch of the East Indies. Padr Lobo was considered in his time and even now is, one of Goa’s foremost preachers’. Valente's wife is the sister of the late Goemcar culinary genius Gines Viegas of O'Coqueiro, the erstwhile flagship of Goan cuisine.

Valente was amongst the founder members of the Moira Association in London. He was also its President, being elected to the role unanimously on at least three occasions. As a leading light in his community he was well known, liked and respected.

In his death the Moidecars in London have lost a very socially active and an ever helpful fellow ganvcar.

May GOD grant him eternal rest.


Xanno Moidecar


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