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Saturday, November 19, 2005


There is something rotten in the state of Goem.
Check this:
80% NON CATHOLIC. Does it matter? It may if you expect to come home to the culture and ethos of your forefathers.
40% NON GOEMCAR. Does it matter? It may, if you do not want to meet people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kannada, Tamil Nadu - all posing as Goemcars and fleecing the gullible at impromptu markets, on the beaches and at tourist landmarks.
ABSOLUTELY NON EXISTENT PUBLIC SEWERAGE. Does it matter? It may if you do not like the sight and smell of human excreta.
ABSOLUTELY NON EXISTENT PUBLIC HYGIENE. Does it matter? Depends on you I suppose. Do you mind indiscriminate spatters of red chewed betel leaf tinged spittle dotting and smearing everything in sight? Do you mind dirty, stinking, waterless, toilet paperless toilets? Do you mind the sight and smell of human excreta and urine along footpaths, along seashores, along riversides?
NONEXISTENT BUILDING PLANNING. Does it matter? Horribly inadequate buildings without the basic safety and hygiene facilities. No proper planned access to public roads. Encroachments on public and private lands.
BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE. Does it matter? When you have to grease every palm to access absolutely any facility in the land.
INTOLERANT. Does it matter? When greedy, stupid, superstitious, intolerant, prehistoric buffoons hold the reins of power and where any other religion other than hinduism is looked upon as foreign and undesirable.
Am I wrong or exaggerating?

70% of Catholic Goemcars live in diaspora.

If I am wrong, why do they?


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