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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Father of the Opinion Poll

An OHerald Editorial

Forty years after the famous fight for statehood and yet no recognition to the people or persons who stood by Goa and saw that it was not merged with Maharahstra. Forty years after Dr Jack Sequeira led the fight against the D B Bandokar government to retain Goan identity and yet, the politicians do not see fit to erect a statue in his name.
And forty years after he led the struggle against the pro Maharashtra protagonist, the State of Goa has not seen fit to even honour the father of the Opinion Poll. And instead what do we have today, the state government honouring fake freedom fighters. Freedom fighters who did not even know what Goa was in the Portuguese rule. Freedom fighters who by sucking up to the previous government and being anti-national by speaking against the state of Goa and have got recognition. And those who fought and endured the hardships of ensuring that the Goan identity is maintained are forgotten. It is a tragedy that the government does not see fit to honour Dr Jack Sequeira with some form of recognition. The reason may be that perhaps deep down in their hearts they would have liked the merger with Maharashtra. But what about the ordinary Goan, who today, instead of being a lackey to another state or for that matter being a mere district in another state. Has anyone asked them for their opinion as to how they would like to honour the father of the Opinion Poll. Ask them and do not be surprised if the answer is “with honour.’’ And that is what the politicians are afraid of doing. Honouring someone did much more than what they all have collectively.

Comment: Jack de Sequeira was not by a very long shot, the father of Goan nationalism. He was not the prime mover of the movement that secured Goa's separate identity. But he was the symbol of the Opinion Poll for all Goemcars who wanted the uniqueness of Goa preserved. And as such he, even if some think he does not, deserves to have a life sized statue of his erected in the capital city. More than Bandodkar does. Jack de Sequeira symbolized 'Don Panna'. Let him be remembered as the man who was the titular head of the movement that saved Goa.


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