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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What is Goan? An OHerald editorial.

What is Goan?

What is Goan? Churchill Alemao’s remark “that land should not be sold to outsiders and should be kept for the locals as in Kashmir’’ does make food for thought. Perhaps he has a point afterall if one sees the slowly and gradual destruction of Goan ethos and identity. And that is a very good question to ask today? What is Goan and who is a Goan? Today, if one looks around, the word Goan is a misnomer and what is remaining behind is only politicians who do not seem to be doing anything to do anything for Goa. Sadly, our politicians only talk of developing Goa and do nothing about it. And those who come to Goa, under the guise of development, only leave dirt and the garbage behind. Goa is disappearing and one aspect that is vanishing faster that ever is land, which is being sold at astronomical rates to outsider causing numerous problems to the small locals who are still residing in the state. It is not use complaining about employment because despite the promises made by successive governments nothing has been done to help reduce the unemployment levels among Goans. The net result – Goans are leaving the state and outsiders are taking over. Even the civil service is not spared with very few Goans making to the top echelons of the civil service. Organize a national event and consultants are called in from Mumbai. Even the event managers and public relations organizations asked to co-ordinate the event are from outside Goan. Agriculture too is being imported from other states and it is sad state of affairs that granaries at Curtorim are falling into disrepair because field are fallow because of constructions. So what is Goan? Yes, this question assumes importance that even the local Goan political party – the United Goan Democratic Party is floundering on many issues. Other local Goan parties like Lok Shakti and Goa Su-raj are floundering on the wayside, more apt to just raise their voice occasionally. And if at the top there is no one fighting for what is Goan, then is it surprising that there is nothing left in Goa. Because if Goans cannot fight for Goa, who will?


A perceptive, prophetic epistle and maybe the 'avaz', the sounding of the death knell of Goemcar-ponn. Is this the beginning of the end? More like the end of the beginning of the end. Kakut Goemcara, kakut.


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