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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Once upon a time ...........

History is replete with examples of civilizations and cultures that have flourished and enriched mankind, but then disappeared without a trace. Often this phenomenon appears to have no mourners. And sadly the fate of the Goemcar 'Camelot' appears to have followed in those sad footsteps. The Goem we knew was, I sincerely believe, an earthly Eden. Of course there were serpents. Of course the devil had a relatively free rein. But God had certainly left his mark on the land of my youth.

I remember how we were taught the Ten Commandments and the Commandments of the Church. There were breakers of these Commandments and morality was not always prevalent. But we all knew the parameters of the acceptable and the wicked. There were social injustices which sometimes led to sad incidents, but the social cohesion and common well being that prevailed was something the present generation will never be able to comprehend. The pro- Indianisation lobby will accuse those of us, who hanker after the past, of being dinosaurs and blinkered. But by all that is holy what have we now?

In the days of yore Goemcars had to migrate to ensure a decent financial standing. Are things better ? The difference now is that in the yester years, migrant Goemcars would have returned to spend their last days in the comfort and familiarity of their motherland. But now a days Goem is stranger to the Goemcar than many a foreign land.

I do not want to be pedantic about this and will only point out that the niz Goemcar Catholic populace has diminished to less than 15% of the total. Indians have settled in Goem and become the new 'Goans' . I do not question their role or their legitimacy. My only regret is their coming and the Indian takeover has resulted in the disappearance of the irreplaceable ambience of a lovely land, of Goem Dourada.

One way to salvage something out of this disaster is to form a world wide link up and if at all possible to try to acquire a part of the world, maybe a salubrious island, somewhere - bearing in mind that money and not munitions dictate the modern world. And then to convert this virginal land into a replica of the Velha Conquistas. Recreate once more a little bit of heaven on earth. God's little acre - Goem. Amchem bhangarachem Goem.


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