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Monday, April 24, 2006


A tribute to Msgr Carmo da Silva

by Zito Almeida

From the Navhind Times

In the death of Rev Msgr Carmo da Silva, on April 7, Goa has lost one of the distinguished sons and our Archdiocese of Goa a note worthy priest.
He was born in Nairobi-Kenya (Africa), his parents being late Camilo da Silva and late Chagarina Pereira Silva, on July 16, 1921. As he was born on the feast day of Our Lady of Carmel, he was named as Anacleto Carmo Andre da Silva.
After return of his parents from Nairobi to Goa, he did his initial studies in Portuguese at Cansaulim. After finishing the same, he entered the Rachol Seminary for his priestly studies, where he finished philosophy and theology at the age of 23 years, in 1944.
For one year he was perfect in the Rachol Seminary. And on March 1, 1945 he was ordained priest by the late Patriarch of the East Indies, Dom Jose da Costa Nunes.
As Fr Carmo da Silva was a brilliant student, he was sent to Rome for further studies, where he did a doctorate in theology in the Gregorian University, defending his thesis on: ‘Doctrine of Justification in Cardinal Newman.’ He also did a licentiate in Sacred Scriptures.
After returning to Goa from Rome, Rev Dr Carmo da Silva was appointed professor of Rachol Seminary on October 7, 1953. And on April 16, 1955 he was made vice-rector of Rachol Seminary. On the appointment of Rev Msgr Altino de Ribeiro Santana as bishop of Sa de Bandeira (Angola), who was the first rector of Saligao Seminary, Rev Dr Carmo Da Silva was made the second rector of Saligao Seminary on January 11, 1956.
He became Monsignor (Private Chambarlain) on April 12, 1956, when he was the rector of Saligao Seminary. Thereafter, he became Domestic Prelate. Within six months as a rector of Saligao Seminary, Rev Msgr Carmo da Silva was appointed rector of Rachol Seminary on June 18, 1956, when he was 35 years of age.
Msgr Carmo da Silva, who was rector of Rachol Seminary for long 24 years, proved himself to be an able administrator and a good guide to hundreds of young priests. After the Liberation of Goa, on December 19, 1961, with the cooperation of professors and other dignitaries, he upgraded the studies and inspired the future priests with the devotion to God and love for the country. He was a fluent speaker, with words and thoughts flowing with clarity and elegance of expression.
His writings for various dailies, weeklies, magazines, in Konkani, Portuguese and English, such as ‘V Ixtt,’ ‘D M Rotti,’ ‘Gulab’ (in Konkani) ‘A Vida,’ ‘O Heraldo’ (in Portuguese) and ‘The Navhind Times,’ ‘Gomantak Times,’ ‘Renovacao’ were very much appreciated.
In recent years, he was a regular writer for ‘The Navhind Times’ and his last article, which was sent before his death, entitled: ‘Youth need to follow true happiness’ was published on ‘The Navhind Times’ dated April 10, with the following foot-note: The writer left for heavenly abode on April 7.
Msgr Carmo da Silva was the editor of ‘Boletim Eclesiastice da Arquidiocese de Goa,’ the organ of the Archdiocese of Goa. He also wrote in Portuguese on ‘Enciclo-pedia Catolica Italiana’ and ‘Boletim Eclisiastico de Macau.’ After the Liberation of Goa he was elected vice-president of Konkani Bhasha Mandal.
He was also a member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Portuguese and also extra-ordinary professor of Goa University. In June 1980, Msgr Carmo da Silva was appointed parish priest of the Immaculate Conception Church, Panaji, and dean of Panaji deanery. After several years of active service, he resigned and went home to Cansaulim.
And finally, Msgr Carmo da Silva used to say and even wrote that: “A man’s life is made of ups and downs, of failures and successes, of gain and losses, of rights and wrongs. A priest takes everything in his stride with eyes on Christ, the ultimate judge of persons and things.”
Msgr Carmo da Silva has now passed from this earthly life, through the portals of death, to a new abundant and eternal life. May his soul rest in peace.


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