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Monday, May 29, 2006

Medeira's Intelligent Missive

Da Vinci Code and Inox

Hello!! Goa & Goans.Its been a long time now since I have got down to writing in this newspaper.I was just scanning through the news paper and stumbled across an article that instantly caught my eye. It was titled "The Da Vinci Code and Sharon Dias". I had read also the letter some days back from Sharon Dias and was very passionate about her view point.
I am not a very religious person.Though I belong to the Catholic community I agree on many a teachings we have and disagree too on a number of teachings and practices we follow, however I do not ever support someone or something discrediting or demeaning any religion be it Islam,Hinduism, Sikhism,Christianity,Jainism etc.Using the same yardstick with every religion and practising equality of religions is something that everyone should follow.
With reference to "The Da Vinci Code" I completely agree with Mr. Ino Lobo & his comments based on the letter appearing in your newspaper written by Sharon Dias.I am sure Sharon would agree if she has even little self respect and is a righteous person by nature she would not want anyone making fun or distorting the truth or rumour mongering about her or her family.Similarly she should realise that such movies like this one which spice up the facts and distort them to make it attract controversy thus inducing people's curiosity should definately be banned.Movies like this which hurt religous sentiments of any religion should never be allowed in a multi religious & cultural society be it today or ages before.
Being a Catholic she should have stood by the Church and not by her feelings of this being a progressive age.One should know that progressive could mean a lot of things depending on what context we are reffering to and which subject we are talking about.
Yes I agree you have a choice to watch it or not and that has been denied to you due to the expression of people's sentiments,the church's opposition against this movie and the government's & theatre owners wise decision to ban it thus not raking up & flaring communal passions.If you want to watch this movie you can buy it when the DVD comes out and watch it then in the privacy of your house.
The majority of us Catholics definately do not want to see this movie in theatres shown around Goa nor it's posters splashed all over town or for that matter any previews shown on television as well.
I am sure, Sharon, Inox does not depend on a bunch of your friends and you visiting their theatres.They have a vaster majority that supports their decision and the government of Goa decision not to show this movie throughout Goa.Inox also has a bigger following that you might think.With this decision they definately have increased their following as well for being a right thinking and sentiments oriented and concerned organization.

Croydon Medeira's letter in the Herald


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