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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Rememberances of his friend.

Manohar Sardessai's passing away must have touched many a Goan. He was an illustrious soul, enthralled by the beauty of the pristine spirit of Goa (Gôy). The essence of that beauty flows melodiously in his poetry that he gifted to the Goans. In his poem, Sobit Anchem Gôy, which in my opinion is Goa's anthem, his spirit sings in praise of Goa, "Mekhlleponnachem/ Munisponnachem, / Sopon bangarachem, Gôy!" In that golden dream of Goa, when her children had awakened to liberty, he reminds us in his poem, 18 June 1946: Bhava tuca iad assa/ ottra Jun? Though tyranny was overthrown, he saw the true spirit of liberty that he had envisioned was yet far away, he laments: Bhangrachem Goem amchem/ kittlem assa pois ozun! He held in esteem those Goans who brought dignity to the Goan humanity. He immortalizes Menezes Bragança, in a paean- Sogleam Poros Voddlo Tum. Like Sawmi Vivekananda, Manohar Sardessai saw the true beauty of the Spirit in all religions. Envisioning the spirit of Christ, his soul sings in his poem, Khursachi Kani: Hatam-paiank topple khille/ Gollo gello sukun sukun/ Tori-i nodor lait voir/ Deva-Dhoniak omp'chi/ Kursachi kanni hi/ Sonvarache suttkechi.
Yes, the poet in Manohar Sardessai aspired the World to be free from all misdoings He is the Goa's poet, whose soul was touched by the true spirit of Goa, and hence his poetry that he bestowed to Goans will ever remain the source of inspiration to Goans of every generation.
The last time I visited Manohar Sardessai was in June 2004 with Dr Carmo D' Sousa at his home, Panajim.

By Lino Leitao, Canada

From the Herald.

COMMENT: Manoharrai Sardessai must indeed have been a great man who led a great life to inspire eulogies like the one by Lino Leitao. What a charming succint tear inspiring rememberance.


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