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Friday, July 07, 2006

Servant of G-D

Fr Vital Sales was born at Velim, Salcete, on July 10, 1927. His parents were Jose Olegario Sales and Maria Alexandrina Furtado Sales.After competing his primary education in Portuguese, Fr Sales was groomed to priesthood in the Seminary of Our Lady, Saligao, and was ordained priest in 1955 by Dom Jose V. Alvernaz, Patriach of the East Indies. After his ordination in 1955, Fr. Sales was appointed Prefect of Studies at Rachol Seminary and later served as assistant parish priest of Moira. From there he was posted as missionary in Diocese of Quelimane (Africa Lusitana) where he worked with zealous youthful vigour for five years, and was to join the University of Propaganda Fide at Rome for further studies in the Catholic dogma. He came to Goa for Christmas holidays in 1962 where he interacted with the locals at Calangute and was moved by the poverty, ignorance and exploitation of the fisherfolk of Calangute . He changed his mind to go to Rome, and instead decided to make Calangute his vineyard to inculcate the precepts enshrined in the gospels .He established Don Bosco High School, boarding, orphanage and technical School at Calangute, Goa in 1963.“ Da mihi animas , cetera tolle “ Give me ( young) souls, take away the rest ‘, was the war-cry of John Bosco popularly known as the friend of youth. He founded the congregation known as Salesians, as he adopted St. Francis de Sales as his patron. The followers of Don Bosco, spread across the five continents, are reaping bounties in missionary work dedicated to educating and upbringing youth, especially the destitutes.Far away from Italy, in our own golden Goa, another soul was fired with the zeal and spirit of Don Bosco. Fr Sales adopted this ‘friend of the youth’ as his model, guide and patron, in like manner as Don Bosco had adopted St. Francis de Sales, his name –sake. Fr. Vital Sales endeared himself to missionary work in the meadows of blossoming youth that lay scattered, uncared and unattended. Like Don Bosco, his war-cry too was “Give me (young) souls”.In order to nurse, educate, and groom the vagrant youth in strength, wisdom and holiness, Fr. Sales founded the Don Bosco Primary & High School at Calangute, in 1963 and later, to wield better control on youth formation, he established the Don Bosco Boarding. To care for the destitutes and the abandoned children he established Don Bosco Orphanage.To professionalize the orphans weaning out from his fatherly hands, he established Don Bosco Technical School, which prepared them to take up gainful employment and launch on their own. He worked relentlessly, dedicating his full energy, time and resources for youth formation. He relinquished his hold continuing till the end with zest and inquisitiveness the well-being of the children who took shelter in the school and boarding. Fr. Vital Sales, died on January 2 , 2003. He is fondly remembered by the students of Don Bosco school, Calangute.

From the Herald

Comment: With the passing away of Fr Sales, Goemcars have lost a tireless selfless worker in the vineyard of the LORD. Goemcars of all persuasions owe this man of G-D an immense debt. May G-D grant his soul the reward he so richly deserves.


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