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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Comment: A whimsical view, many will say a wooly headed stance. Be that as it may, Mr Mascarenhas has made a point. Right or wrong, he says it as he sees it. A different drummer's may well be the beat that Prakash marches to, but he strides forcefully.

Portugal sought out a way to the East, to India, for the following reasons: To outflank the Arabs, their bitter foes from whom they had but recently gained their independence; and To join up with the legendary Christians of the East and to bring Christianity to the eastern peoples. From the Arab colonies of East Africa, they reached to Calicut and Cochin, and then to Goa, etc. At that time, the Christians in India were lost to the Nestorian heresy, isolated from the rest of the Christians and hard-pressed by both the Hindus and Muslims. The large Christian community of the Malabar welcomed the Portuguese with open arms and, in the hope and expectation that they would provide them with relief, symbolically handed to them the royal insignia of the last, extinct Christian Kingdom in the Malabars. Nor was their hope in vain, for the Portuguese expended a great deal of their energies in protecting the ancient Christians and in zealous proselytization, adding to their numbers. The Portuguese proselytized Goa and its environments, and other cities of the Konkan country, absorbing the small, remnant Nestorian communities, and putting the New Christians on a strong footing. In all this, they acted exemplarly. However, from the very beginning, there were problems with the Portuguese. Firstly, very many of them were corrupt and indifferent Christians, who shamelessly exploited the natives, both financially and sexually, keeping retinues of native concubines. This could not but scandalize the neophytes, and bring the missionaries into conflict with these recalcitrants. Secondly, the heresy of the Franco-Helvetian apostate, John Calvin (Jean Chauvin) came to infect all of Europe gradually, as the doctrine of the white man's racial superiority, even among Catholics, and it came to colour the Portuguese attitude in India, although it never affected the Portuguese in the same deep and radical manner as it did the Anglo-Saxons. Principally, it meant that the Portuguese became ashamed of associating with the Indian Christians, and refused to admit them into their religious orders and congregations, etc., and preferred to give them only the postings that the Europeans themselves could not or would not fill. The sum of the moral corruption of the Portuguese caused them to fall out of favour with God, who deprived them of their independence, subjected them to the King of Spain and delivered them, for their sins, that they might be purified thereby, into the hands of the Calvinist Dutch. Every where, the Dutch followed the Portuguese, hounding them and overthrowing their works, in Ceylon, Goa, Malaya and the Sunda Archipelago, in South Africa and on both the coasts of Africa and in Brazil, etc. But the Portuguese did not realize and repent their fault, and instead, committed themselves the more to them. They instead turned on the Church, under the anticlericals, King Joseph and his minister Pombal, allying themselves, as the ancient Israelities did with the Assyrians and Babylonians, with the godless, Protestant English. The third error of the Portuguese was to be deluded by the notions of nationalism and imperialism. Thus, they sought to keep their dependencies, given by God, as their own possession, instead of liberating them as soon as these communities had been adequately Christianized and substantially reformed. Thus, I say that the Portuguese were not late by fifty years or a hundred years, in giving independence to the State of Portuguese India, but I say that they were four hundred years late in giving it. Our Lord taught us, "Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, that you do unto Me." The Portuguese came to bring us the Good News of Jesus Christ; they stayed on to enslave us. Thus, they sinned and wronged us. And thus, by failing each and every time to do their righteous duty before God, the successive Portuguese rulers sinned and failed to witness to God and to the rights and dignity of the Christian peoples of the EIP. The Portuguese, by selfishly holding on to our territories and forcing us under their yoke, even when we had been evangelized and grown to maturity, stultified and prevented us from finding our true and natural scope by going out and witnessing freely to all India, and to other peoples. Instead, we had to expend our energies just to survive Portuguese Imperialism. The Portuguese, instead of inquiring into the reasons why Divine Providence had abandoned them to their enemies, and reforming themselves, turned more and more bitter against God and His Church and did war against Him and her. They, under successive administrations, undercut the work of the Church and bitterly persecuted it. One of the ways that the rulers of Portugal hindered the work of the Church was by the Padroado - by virtue of which Portugal claimed a semi-proprietorial right over many Christian communities in the East Indies, even when developments rendered them incapable of asserting any influence over them or of providing them any assistance. Thus, while themselves being able to aid and assist these communities, the Portuguese contemned the Roman effort to relieve these communities, and stirred up dissentions, contentions, schism and dissatisfactions. Under Salazar and Franco, the Portuguese and the Spanish fought against the usurpations of the most ungodly of these rebels and overthrowing them, sought to re-establish their nations once again on their paths as of old - the paths when they followed the God of Abraham. However, these Phalangists signally and woefully failed in their missions, and entirely because of their own faults. They became conceited, believing themselves indispensable, and monopolised the reins of power, converting what had been the mass-based Catholic Action movements of the missions of restoration into personality cults. They failed to consult and include others, thus spreading dissatisfaction, and giving the enemies victory by default. Most seriously, they failed to adhere fearlessly, zealously and faithfully, in a spirit of humility and dependence on the Omnipotence of God, by knuckling down in the face of Protestant and Freemasonic blackmail to join in the godless, inimical and brazenly treacherous United Nations Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, etc. Again, because of their failings, as above, the Lord did not assist them, and allowed them to fail to recognize the mischiefs being unleashed by the Modernists under Roncalli and the robber council called Vatican 2, because of which they too have been led astray, and all their works, won by such great and bloody sacrifices, are almost entirely lost.
Portugal not only did us wrong after wrong, it capped this sequence of wrongs by making a treaty with the Indian Union by which it purported to recognize the sovereignty of the Indian Union over our country - the Estado da India Portuguesa, in flagrant violation of law, morality, the ground facts and without consulting us in the matter. Again, Portugal has not acted straightforward, but dissembles, in treating citizens of the EIP as still being its citizens, even after having signed and not having revoked its approval for this treaty. If it is the intention of Portugal to ratify and uphold this treaty, then she should say so plainly - and cease granting Portuguese passports to the constituents of the EIP. Portugal is not doing us any favour by giving us Portuguese passports; quite the contrary. We can very well do without this hypocrisy and double-dealing. Let Portugal display its true colours - whether as callous betrayers of our rights or as their fearless upholders. As it is, we have suffered enough at the hands of Portugal. Let us be done and finished with this, one way or the other, once and for all.



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