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Thursday, January 25, 2007


The children of Dr Jack Sequeira are questioning the government's hesitation to record the Father of the Opinion Poll contribution to Goan history in textbooks. Says Ajit Sukhija, son-in-law and husband of Lily sequeira, "The opinion poll was a watershed on the history of Goa. Jack Sequeira gave us this opinion poll, by virtue of which every Goans was able to ave his identity. There is no mention of this in the history books. The opinion poll was an exercise that preserved Goan identity. It gave us a separate stat,e it gave recognition to Konkani as a separate language and today we can proudly call our Goenkars. So let the children of Goa know about the father of the opinion poll and about what saved Goa into being what it is today." Says Peter Figueiredo, "Many elderly people commented that when the state of Goa was threatened, he traveled extensively from Colaba to Kalyan with his winning personality, and took Bombay by storm and convinced the Goans to support the cause for a separate state. The present generation are unaware of the Opinion Poll and the contribution of Dr Jack de Sequeira, which is a must for every Goan to know.

Comment: There are two reasons why the Father of the Opinion Poll has not been honoured. The first is communal and the second is casteist. The non Catholic amongst Goemcar politicians are loath to honour a Cristao and the non Bamon amongst them do not want to honour a Bamon. So there you have Goemcars in a nutshell.

Those who off late have fought for the honouring of Dr Jack de Sequeira and these have been by and large non Bamon Cristaos, have risen above the usual Goemcar quagmire of bitterness and small mindedness and proven to the world that one can be anyone of G-D's creations and still be highminded and farsighted. My humble salutations to these honourable and noble sons and daughters of Goem who have risen above caste and communal barriers to honour one of Goem's noblest sons.


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