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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Konkan vo Concan

Goa Konkani Manch launched in Karwar
[ 3 Sep, 2006 2241hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

The Goa State Konkani Ekikaran Manch was launched with Asha Palankar as convener in Sadashivgad here on Thursday.

According to members of the Ekikaran Manch, the aim of the manch is to organise the movement for the unification of Konkani language speaking Karwar and Joida taluks with Goa.

About 70 Konkani language leaders, poets and litterateurs met at Sadashivgad and deliberated the issue of the unification of Karwar and Joida with Goa state.

At the meeting, they discussed the pros and cons of the merger of Karwar and Joida in Goa for nearly four hours, from 11 am to 3 pm. Finally, they launched the GSKEM (Goa State Konkani Ekikaran Manch).

Ashok Rane was made secretary and Prakash pawar, the treasurer of the manch. The meeting was attended by Mahabaleshwar Sail, Nagesh Karmal, Ramesh Veluskar, Takuram Shet and Ravindra Keluskar, Konkani litterateurs from Goa.

The local unit of the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi (MES) at Sadashivagad and its leaders like Vishnu Kalgutkar and Shivanand Rane joined hands with the GSKEM and said they would dissolve the MES unit and fight for merger of Karwar and Joida in Goa.

The activists said that Karwar and Joida, with 90 per cent of Konkani speaking people, should be merged with Goa, the only Konkani state in the country.

The members also argued that Karwar up to Amadalli was a part of Goa during the Portuguese regime and that it was given to the British for developing the port.

They insisted that from the historical, language and cultural points of view, Karwar and Joida should be unified with Goa.

Konkani activists have decided to organise a rally in the city and submit a memorandum to the deputy commissioner on the issue. They have also decided to lobby for the issue on the floor of the Goa State Assembly.

Comment: I wonder how it would be, if it could be at all and should it be? Can sorpotel slurping Cristaos accept the fact that the inclusion of Karwar and Joida would reduce their percentage of the population very dramatically?

But then would it not be better to have a greater majority of people claiming Concannim as their mother tongue rather than be a lingual minority in the present day State of Goem?


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