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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cardozo's Canny Concannim Calculation

Survival of Konkani Language Needs Roman Script Too

Konkani in Roman script in general identifies with the Catholic community of Goa: all the Church activities are conducted in Konkani in Roman script. The passing of the Goa Official language Act in 1987, made Konkani in Devnagari script the Official language of Goa thereby betraying the followers of Konkani in Roman script. Since then a lot of injustice has been done to the writers, readers and followers of Konkani in Roman script. The present and the future of Konkani can be prosperous only if Roman script is given equal status with Devnagari which will mean that the Catholic community will again be involved in the development of Konkani language.

Tomazinho Cardozo

COMMENT: Tomazinho has made a very pertinent point. Without the Roman script the Catholic community, of a generation, those in their mid-thirties onwards, will not contribute to the developement of our Maim bhas. The development of Concannim, as opposed to Konknni, has been overwhelmingly due to the usage, the garnishing and the advancement afforded to it by the Catholic community. Concannim is the mul bhas of Goemcar Catholics. For Goem not to afford it a place and position in keeping with this status is unfair, discriminatory, communalist and will result in the loss to humankind of a glorious cultural tradition.

All power to Tomazinho's elbow and pen. Cator re bhaji Cardozo!


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