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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Viva Concannim

Campaign for Roman script gathers force

Protagonists of Roman Konkani have virtually served an ultimatum to bring Roman Konkani on par with Devnagiri Konkani in the forthcoming Assembly session and announced plans to revive Konkani Porjecho Avaz (KPA) under the leadership of MP Churchill Alemao to launch a sustained movement to meet the genuine demand.
This was announced at a joint press conference addressed by Alemao, Adv Radharao Gracias and stalwarts of the Konkani tiatr stage Menino de Bandar, Mario Menezes, Wilson Mazarello, C D’Silva, Osvie Viegas, writer John Gomes, Tendulkar and others.That the leaders were determined to launch an agitation was clearly evident when Radharao Gracias warned either the government should pass the Bill in favour of Roman Konkani or the people will kick out the Congress government. “Churchill will convene the KPA meeting to decide the future course of action. Let Bhembre, Mauzo also come and talk,” he maintainedPraising Town and Country Planning Minister Babush Monserrate, Gracias wondered why Congress leaders Luizinho Faleiro and Francisco Sardinha are silent on the issue. Claiming Roman Konkani is opposed by Chief Minister Pratpasing Rane, GPCC President Ravi Naik, Minister Dayanand Narvekar, Gracias said “all these persons had their roots in the MGP and they have still not forgotten their identity.”Churchill said he was fully backing the Roman script movement since large section of the people, including tiatrists, are demanding equal status for Roman Konkani. “The government should pass the Bill this coming session or the people will be forced to agitate,” he warned, but said he was not against Devnagiri Konkani, but only demanding due respect and status for Roman Konkani.Dalgado Konkani Akademi President, Wilson Mazarello clarified they want both Devnagiri and Roman script. “We want all facilities for Roman script as a matter of right. This will be an poll issue for us. All MLAs, including NCP and BJP are with us. But, still we want to know the fence-sitters,” he said.

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