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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maestro August Braganza

Pioneer, musician and singer AUGUST BRAGANZA passed way early on September 7. A man who's brilliant music rang out loud and clear on a moonlight night, his tongue-in-cheek wit hid many emotions and dreams, but always filled a void in others. His family, friends and well-wishers remember this talented and sometimes idiosyncratic musician as the first to lend a helping hand, even if he was in need himself.
From starting Haystack and producing the best equipment and sound, to his eagerness to give budding stars a chance to excel, Goa has lost one of its best. The memory of his bright-eyed gangly figure perched on a stool with his guitar, while his baritone voice and quick jokes made one forget their worries, will be imprinted forever. Only August Braganza's skeptical yet amusing take on life could be responsible for a restaurant after his own heart, Getafix or even Unhygienics.
Alex Braganza, his younger brother, learnt music under the master entertainer himself. From a band called the Band, sting to Symphony, they were inseparable. "From the early days, we performed at Republic Days, on Carnival floats, the Asian Games, all the major shows in Goa," Alex says. Remo started his career playing at Haystack, a place thought up by August himself. "August was one of the first ones to start many innovative ideas in the state," Remo says. "He was one of the best sound engineers".
"August was a born musician. In my opinion, he was a pioneer, a guy who was part of a musical revolution in Goa. He made me join his band in the 80s," says percussionist Bondo.
The funeral will be held on September 9 at 4 pm at Arpora.

Suruchi Kapoor Gomes & Kurt Gidwani, GT

COMMENT: A musician par excellence, an entertainer of the best Goemcar kind, a doyen amongst band leaders. May his soul rest in peace. And if talent is appreciated in heaven, there won't be much peace there. Archangel Gabriel, the rest of the angelic hosts and the blessed saints will be rocking to the rhythms of Augusto Braganza.


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