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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Noman Goem

Goa made Metropolitan Archdiocese after 30 years

PANAJI (ICNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI created the new Ecclesiastical Province of Goa and Daman, with Sindhudurg as its suffragan diocese and appointed Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao as its first Metropolitan Archbishop.

The official announcement was made at the Vatican on Nov. 25 on the feast of St. Catherine, the Patron Saint of the Cathedral of Goa.

A metropolitan archbishop is a bishop who, besides governing his own diocese, presides at the same time over other dioceses of a well-defined area called ecclesiastical province. Such dioceses (or bishops) are called suffragans.

For some 30 years, Goa was without a suffragan diocese, although it had been an outstanding Metropolitan Archdiocese right from its creation in 1557.

The metropolitan has no power of governance in the suffragan dioceses but is empowered to exercise a limited degree of supervision over them, so that faith and discipline are observed carefully.

He may perform sacred functions in his suffragan dioceses as if he were the local bishop, although this is rare. He may also conduct an official (canonical) visit in special cases, such as when suffragans have seriously neglected their duties.

Since 16 century, Goa exercised a metropolitan supervision over the dioceses of Malacca (Malaysia), Macau, Nanking and Peking in China, Funay in Japan, Timor near Indonesia, Mozambique in East Africa as well as Cochin, Cranganore, Mylapore and Daman in India. Some of the above dioceses are now extinct.

The physical territory of the Archdiocese of Goa extended at one time from Calicut in Kerala to Surat in Gujarat. Over the years, it shrank in its size and lost all its suffragans, the last being Macau and Timor in 1976. Since then, Goa had lost its status of a metropolitan archdiocese.

Sindhudurg, which has now been made a suffragan of Goa, had been part of this archdiocese from 1557 till 1953, the year when it was attached to the diocese of Pune. With the present appointment, Bishop Filipe Neri Ferrao becomes the first Indian Metropolitan of Goa and Daman.

“The Church in Goa and Daman rejoices that a 30-year-long hiatus has been filled and thanks the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI for causing this to happen. She also offers sincere congratulations to her Archbishop on his new appointment and assures him of her prayerful support,” said a press release from the archdiocese.


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