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Monday, March 12, 2007

From the frying pan into the fire???

Comment: Veronica in the diatribe below makes many pertinent points . Amongst the saddest words in any language are "if only". G-D help Goem and all Goemcars. From the looters of Lisboa we have handed ourselves over to the dukors of Delhi. Goemchea Saiba amcam pav.

After India got independence, some Goan freedom fighters went to Gandiji asking him to help them to oust Portuguese from Goa. For this Gandhiji replied thus "Now you are ruled by the Portuguese but once Portuguese is ousted from Goa, I am afraid you may be ruled by the Delhi Portuguese".How prophetic were these words from Gandhiji!! When Portuguese rule ended from Goa on 19th December 1961 everything went against the interest of genuine Goans and true Goa. M. Boyer in one of his songs soon after 19th Dec.1961 said “Goykar ami nidlole, nidloleank uttoilet. Patank korun voir pavtoch modench tuttoilet. Bhav – bhav mhonon Goyenkarank bhatttoilet. Ani aplem apleak mevtoch xekim Goyenkarank fottoilet”.

Before the ouster of Portuguese from Goa, lot of promises were given to Goans by the Bharati Government but all these promises were turned into zero. According to Pe. Chico Monteiro who once confided in me said that Nehru was the most untrusworthy person, he wanted to liquidate the identity of Goa by helping merging Goa with Maharastra. Nehru was very close to V.P. Naik the then Congress Chief Minister of Maharastra. But in the Opinion Poll things surprisingly for Nehru and men like him in Maharastra and Delhi turned out to be different. Soon after 19th December well-known political trio singer tiatrists Conception-Nelson-Anthony were punished by the hired administrators of Indian Government in Goa for exposing the filthy and rubbish rule of Bharat. So also the giant of Konkani stage Kid Boxer. Their songs were screened severely as if Goa was ruled not only by dictatorial Salazar but worst than Salazar.

Lamenting on the deteriorating law and order situation in Goa in the name of fake liberation, the trio kings sang thus “Ghoram moddlint, zonelam foddlint, noxib team choranchem, tech borobor krimidoranchem” referring to the deadly crimes and worst of robberies taking place in the so called liberated Goa. What sort of liberation we genuine Goans are experiencing? The liberation of freely killing of innocent Goans thru the factors influenced by the influx of non-Goans? The liberation to rob innocent Goans of their valuables as never before during the 451 years of Portuguese rule in Goa? The liberation to use bribery in each and every segment of Goan life and thereby destroy the fabricks of immaculate Goan image? Liberation to impose non-Goan rule of Maharastra in Goa and thereby keep colonialism alive in Goa? Liberation to liberate Goa from Portugal and subjugate Goa under Maharastra and Delhi deputationist Babus whom the late Dr. Jack de Sequeira once dubbed as “Dogs”? Liberation to degoanise Goa of its culture, language, tradition, history and everything best? Liberation to damage and hurt Christians of their religious sentiments?

The late Fr. Mendonca once said “Goa was not liberated but invaded by Bharat”. Even the supreme court in its landmark judgement never used the word liberation. It is a hard fact that no body wants to live under colonial rule and that includes me. Portuguese colonialists have done lot of injustices to Goa and genuine Goans with the strong support of Bamonshahi and Bhatkarshahi but on the other hand Portuguese rule has done yeomen services for the Goans and Goa. If Goa was not grabbed by Bharat for another 5 to 10 years I am sure Goa would be much better and safer place to live in the world. It was Bharati rule that disgraced the greatness of Goa and Goans. In this Bharat that is ruled by the bloody rascal politicians everything is bad. Money power and goonda force rule India including Goa and this has happened only because Goa came under Bharati rule. We Goans may be poor in many aspects but surely we are very rich in culture, tradition, history, character and discipline. You will never find anywhere in Bharat as great hearted and as kind hearted people as genuine Goans whose number is now unfortunately dwindling. The “chor” and loafers who came to Goa with the advent of Bharati rule were the most third class and disgraceful people who helped destruction of Goa. The Malyalis and Maharastrians who started pouring in Goa soon after Goa came under Bharati rule totally spoiled the greatness of Goa, these non Goans were without any class in them. Unfortunately, if currently Goa is facing degradation of Goan character by the present generation including the politicians then it is only because they learnt everything worst from the Bharati “Bamtte”.

Will it be possible for the genuine Goans to get back those glorious days when genuine Goans used to sleep in the “bolcao” and “angonn” under the “Ambo & Tinch” Trees whole night keeping their doors and windows opened? Will it be possible for genuine Goans now to go to the beach and have medicinal bath in the month of April & May without any hindrance from the big hoteliers preventing locals from entering their own local beach? God alone know tomorrow the locals may have to pay for the tickets to go to their beaches. Will it be possible for genuine Goans to have the previllege to inhale the fresh air without having impurities spread by the toxic industries? Will it be possible for genuine Goans to get their work done from any Government department without paying bribe? Will it be possible for genuine Goans to have Hindu-Christau-Mussolman “Bhavponn” as enjoyed during the Portuguese regime? The secularism that Bharat imposed on Goa is a fake one. During Portuguese time Goa enjoyed better and best secularism in its true sense. Now Goa is not very far from Gujarat because BJP means communalism. Will it be possible for Goa any more to have in their Panchayats and Legislative Assembly any undiluted and uncorrupt member? The greatness of Goa is gone for good and it will never resurface. The future of Goa will be framed by the non-Goans who are become “dadas” of Goa and these non-Goan dadas will never protect the interest of Goa and Goans. The Panchayat of golden village of Sancoale is manned by non-Goan Sarpanch who is selling the village to Birlas and other top industrialits but with the exception of Simon Carvalho ex Kuwait, no-body in the Panchayat is doing anything to prevent Birlas from destroying Sancoale. This is just one example how Goa is destroyed by the non-Goans in the name of liberation which is nothing but fake liberation. Very few of us who enjoyed the greatness of Goa will sing Hosannas in the name of pristine Goa and how long these hosannas will be sung by us? Very many of us are coming closer to the grave and in another few years Goa will lose all its charm and greatness and current Goan will be just like many other polluted and disgraceful Indians.

The great Goan journalist Frank Moraes felt ashamed to be an Indian because of lop sided policies carried by the Bharat Serkar. I too am ashamed to be an Indian when Bharat Serkar converted me as Bharati on 19th December in 1961 because by being a Bharati I have to be a colleague against my wishes of those people who killed their own Bharati brothers in Gujarat in the name of religion. The religion that shows hatred to others is not a religion. I am ashamed to be a Bharati because my countrymen the Bharati politicians who rule Bharat are corrupt, I don’t like to be equated with these corrupt rogues who destroy the nation. I am ashamed to hold the same citizenship as that of third class politicians like Laloo Prasad & Jayalalita. Otherwise I am proud of Bharat which is a great nation having great cultural heritage and thousands of years history. Bharat otherwise is a great nation which gave to the world the great epics Ramayana and Mahabarata and invented the game of Chess. Bharat otherwise is a great nation that produced great men like Tagore – Swami Vivekananda and Mahatmah Gandhi.

In present Bharat there are no great men nor great thinkers and great leaders. Current leaders are sowing the seeds of discord among the citizens on religious grounds and it is they who will split Bharat once again as they have done in 1947. If Bharat splits once again it will be only because of the present day communal leaders of India and if one analysis this point very impartially the day of further split of India is not far, it may be today or tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow but surely it will come, may be during my life time or my children or grand children life time if our leaders are not going to change their habits of dividing the people on religious lines. The acquisition of Atomic weapons is not a safeguard to protect the integrity of Bharat.

The super power the Soviet Russia with all its atomic and hydrogen arsenals within a split of a second got splitted into pieces, so atomic weapons is not the safeguard of any country’s integrity. Pakistan and China are not the enemies of Bharat. The greatest enemy of Bharat is communalism propagated by its own communal Bharati citizens and it is thru this communalism that Bharat will further split. That will be the sad day for Bharat and all the great Bharati people and thinkers. My regret is that as a Bharati due to forcibly acquisition of Goa by Bharat I will have to face lot of problems in Goa too which was acquired by Bharat in the name of fake liberation. I don’t want this fake liberation, I want true liberation. But will I ever get it?

A. Veronica Fernandes


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