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Monday, April 02, 2007

Mascarenhas' Conspiracy Theory

Comment: A good conspiracy theory always brings together numerous loose ends, however far fetched the conclusion. And Mascarenhas has excelled. He has penned a synopsis from which could very well emerge an international blockbuster, fit to rival the Da Vinci Code. What an imagination, what a talent for piecing together events that could be 'possible' . The genius of Mascarenhas, as that of any good conspiracy theorist is the ability to allude to different, diverse, seemingly unconnected events and draw conclusions from them that not only appear to mesh but are apparently very plausible.

If all that Mascarenhas says is true than we are living in world that is far more exciting than we ever thought possible. They say truth is stranger than fiction. In this case is it or isn't it? Goem needs something like this translated onto the international cinematic screen so that the world comes to hear of nossa terra. Go for it Prakash. Now put Goem on the world atlas.

We'll worry about the truth at a more conducive time......

Retreat From The Brink

We, the citizens of the EIP (Goa, etc.) stand on the brink of an awful, yawning chasm. If we go on a little further, we will fall down and be lost. We must turn back!

Goan Freedom Movement
Freemasonry: Putting The Pieces Together
The Crisis of the Church is Over!
On the Brink of An Awful, Yawning Chasm
During British India's movement for Independence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi assured the National Conference Party, formerly the Muslim Conference, founded and led by Sheikh Abdullah, that 'the Kingdom of Jammu & Kashmir is a nation, and we will respect its rights,' or words to those effects. Yet, at the same time, the same Mr. Gandhi stated that the people of Portuguese India do not have the right to remain separate, and that Portuguese India must be
absorbed. This is the uttermost hypocrisy. (See Experiments In Hypocrisy).

For centuries, the enemies of Christianity have waged war against Christians, seeking to overthrow the Church. Shortly after Portugal made the Circumnavigation of Africa and arrived in the East Indies, and had founded our Country, the Estado da India Portuguesa, the Dutch had turned heretics, sought independence from Spain, which also ruled Portugal at the time, and
spread out around the world, undermining the Portuguese Empire and the Christian religion.

In South Africa, Ceylon, Japan, Formosa, etc., they managed to entirely or nearly entirely wipe out Christianity. In the Malabar Coast, they terrorized, harassed and instigated many of the former Nestorians who had returned to Christianity, to secede again, thus commencing the Monophysite or Jacobite sects in those parts.

The shock of the Dutch Wars hit Portugal hard, and it never did recover its earlier dynamism. Instead, it sank into a stupor that has lasted to this day. As a result of this, Portugal and its dependencies subsided into inertia — Susegadism.

This situation was worsened by the Pombal Schism, when the crypto-heretic Pombal came to dominate the Portuguese government and pioneered the anti-Catholic, Freemasonic, regalist and anti-Clerical revolution that was to culminate later in the French-sponsored suppression of the Jesuits, the French Revolution and lastly the Vatican II Council.

However, even before the Vatican II Council, the Church was ruffled by the Modernists who made another attempt to hijack the Church with the heretical Liturgical Reform Movement, resulting in the Holy Week 'Reforms' etc., under Pope Pius XII. Shortly after, Pope Pius XII took the reigns of power back into his own hands and partially reversed this, until he was murdered by
poison in 1958.

In 1954, such fermenting heretics, barely concealed, took the initiative of supporting the Indian Union and joining with an assorted bag of vermin, including those of the Hindu Right, to commit acts of terrorism against our EIP by seizing the enclaves of Dadra & Nagar-Avelim. Not only this, but they actively worked to sow confusion amongst us, and to delude and misguide us, so that few, if at all any of us were able to correctly assess and resist the crimes of 1961 at that time.

By late October 1958, these heretics, under Roncalli, their leader, had managed to seize the Vatican and contrive the 'election' of Roncalli as 'Pope John XXIII', thus setting into motion the long delayed Freemasonic plan of seizing and remaking the Church, a plan that had been frustrated at least twice, the first time by the success of Pope Pius IX in resisting their 'Revolution' in 1848, and the second time by Austria-Hungary's veto of the election of the Freemason, Cardinal Rampolla, following the death of Pope Leo XIII.

This coup set the stage for a worldwide revolution. Everywhere, Christian states were ordered by the heresiarch Roncalli to secularize, and his New Church set out to wage relentless war upon all those who refused, such as Salazar in Portugal, Franco in Spain and Ngo Dinh Diem in Vietnam.

In early 1961, the Roncallists, joined up with the Freemasonic John Fitz-Gerald Kennedy, the 'first Catholic' President of the US, to organize the murder of President Diem and nearly all of his family - brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, wife, children, all of them except the Bishop Peter Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc and another brother who escaped because they were abroad. Kennedy paid for his sins shortly; being assassinated himself within a few months! Thus works the wrath of God!

By mid-1961, the stage had been set for an operation against Salazar and Portugal, with Roncalli collaborating with the Soviet Union and its allies to invade our EIP and annex it to the Indian Union.

In this conspiracy, Freemasons such as Roncalli, Communists such as Jyoti Basu and the Hindu-Pinko-Communists such as Nehru, the Prime Minister of the Indian Union, and himself another Freemason, collaborated against Portugal and the EIP.

Nehru's aim was to overthrow and annex the EIP and de-Christianize it: which goal admirably meshed in with those of Roncalli, to remake the Church and Christians in the Freemasonic mould.

Thus, the aim was not so much as to liberate the EIP from Portugal, in itself a legitimate goal, if achieved from within, even by external aid, but to re-Hinduize, re-Paganize the EIP. SusegadismChristianity has always been an active, dynamic force, going out of its way in search of souls, to bring them the Good News of the Salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Christianity was
never about inertia — Susegadism. And Christianity could not have been broadcast and so many million souls from so many countries of the world, brought in, if its propagators had been inert.

Nor, if we consider it, did Portugal attain to its empire and found our EIP when inert. Consider the daring and energies required for the Portuguese pioneers to push down into the unknown, down the West Coast of Africa and up the East Coast, and across the Indian Ocean to Cochin in the East Indies. Consider the efforts required to take on and vanquish the entrenched Muslim Arabs who owned and dominated the trade in these seas. Consider the daring required to take up a small fleet and seize the city of Goa, the second city of the Bijapur Kingdom. None of these could have been achieved by inertia.

Again, consider what brought Arabs, Turks and others, including the Portuguese here to Goa. Was it that they were attracted by a lazy, indolent people, or was it that they were attracted by the prospect of seizing and owning a thriving port-city, inhabitated by an energetic and hardworking people?

My point: Goa is Susegad today as a result of the shock that Portugal suffered at the hands of the Dutch some centuries back, from which they never recovered themselves, nor allowed us to recover ourselves. Susegadism, then, is not naturally and historically Goan but is an aberration — something that we must overcome!

In Short: We must recover our original Dynamism!

It was the Dynamism of St. Francis Xavier — Goencho Saib, of the Cuncolim martyrs, both Goans and Europeans, and of countless others that spread Christianity around Goa and into Mangalore, that won the Nestorian heretics of the Malabar back to Christ and which spread Christianity into Bengal, Malaya, the Sundas, Formosa, Japan, etc.

And today, if we must recover ourselves, then we must necessarily overcome our cultivated habit of Susegad and remake ourselves as a Dynamic society.

We have enormous tasks ahead of us: To wrest the liberation of our country, the EIP; to go forth and be witnesses of Christ to the millions of souls around the world who are lost in the darkness of paganism, heresy, schism, infidelity, freemasonry, etc. Susegadism can accomplish neither of these necessary tasks.

Remember, we owe our pagan compatriots, not the false charity of ecumenism and a false equality of religions and our God with their demons, but of the true charity, such as that which brought the Apostles Tomas and Bartholomeo and Goench Saib and others to our far-off land, with the charity of seeking our eternal salvation! On the Precipice of an Awful, Yawning ChasmToday, forty-one years since the criminal acts of 1961, we, the citizens of the EIP, a Christian nation, find ourselves looking down from a precipice, into an awful, yawning chasm, verily the Pit of Darkness. This is where one-one years of De-Christianisation has brought us.

This De-Christianisation has been two-fold. On the one part, the outward, it is maintained and operated by the invaders, the Indian Union. The main agency of this is the Indian National Congress Party of Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, grandson Rajeev Gandhi and now Rajeev's widow, the Italian apostate, Mrs. Sonia Maino-Gandhi, who has become a Hindu of the Arya Samaj sect. This Congress Party is the 'liberal', moderate face of Hindu Revanchism, or re-paganization. It seeks to achieve this by persuading all people to sit down together and mix up their religions. Needless to say, such a process is not permissible to the Christian, violating as it does, the First Commandment.

However, we have progressed along this path, coming to the edge of disaster.

But the second, and main agency of this our De-Christianisation is that Church which gives itself out as the 'Catholic Church' and which, in fact, it is not, being rather the Freemasonic Duplicate of our Catholic Church for which Goencho Saib, Pad Juze Vaz, Pad Agnel and the countless others, laboured and sacrificed. This duplicate Church is the Church of Satan, his AntiChurch.

More than any other entity, it seeks to De-Christianise us, to re-paganize us. It urges and commands us to adopt a new ideology, to contemn the old Catholic faith that moved Goencho Saib, Pad Juze Vaz, Pad Agnel and the others, and to join with the adherents of other religions in co-worship, violating, negating and falsifying the First Commandment.

Our people, those who choose to see the evil times that we are passing through, wail and moan, and ask why it is that 'our Church' does not take the initiate in organizing and guiding us for our fight against these injustices — these threats to our very existence. But, if you will only dwell deeper you will know why, and it is not a difficult matter to understand.

First of all, this Church, this New Catholicism, is active, and in fact, very active. One could even say that it is overactive or hyperactive! But active in what? It seeks to organize Communist revolutions - Liberation Theology - throughout the Indian Union and the EIP, to overthrow the existing social order. Now, in itself, such an objective cannot be wrong, for the existing, casteist Social Order is evil, of the Devil and inhuman, intolerable and must, MUST! be entirely and absolutely exterminated. However, the liberation of men is not to be found in the vain, emptiness of Communism, Marxism and Liberation Theology, but in the Egalitarianism of Christianity.

We see that this Church is hyperactive in fomenting this revolution, which angers the ruling classes and brings upon it the resulting acts of revenge - murders and rapes of its priests and nuns. We see this Church involved in organizing fishermen in the Malabar and in Goa, in organizing the resistance to the environmental destruction wrought or sought to be wrought by the Konkan Railways and by the Jindal MetaStrips. And we see it in the withdrawal of the Jesuits from their prestigious schools, so much preferred by the ruling class in Bombay and other India cities, so that they can concentrate on revolutionizing the rural and tribal peoples.

And yet, the more obviously just and urgent cause of Goa, of the EIP, escapes this Church.

Does not the Bible tell us, Charity begins at Home? And so why is it that this sect's charity, its revolutionary energies, are not for us, its own people, but for strangers?

It is because they are too part of the problem: because they are bhagidars — accomplices in this crime against our country and us, co-conspirators against our rights, history, traditions and identity.

It is this sect that has brought us, sleepwalking, to this precipice. It wants us to leap in, into the Pit of Darkness, where its Prince, Beelzebub, reigns.

It wants us to sit down and worship Baal, Moloch and Chemosh — or their Indian counterparts. It is this brainwashing that fights against us, which makes us our own enemies.

It is this brainwashing that makes Remo Fernandes push this monstrous anti-gospel of heresy and idolatry, this evil that will separate us forever from God and his Saints, no less than our own Goencho Saib, Pad Juze, Pad Agnel and the like.

The first part of this program has been largely accomplished. We are compromised, and no longer believe as our fathers did: We no longer hold Christianity to be uniquely true. Now comes the second part.

The first part was worked by the Congress Party; the Bharatiya Janata Party
will play the second part.

We have seen what they have been doing all over India since the last five years. The rapes of nuns, the murders of priests as also that of Graham Stewart have hogged the news headlines. But it is much more than this. There is a grassroots movement to encompass, coerce and compromise Christians into idolatry and to reverting to Hinduism. The victims of this campaign are the isolated Christian families and individuals lost in the sea of Hinduism, with very little of it making the news.

And Gujarat, April 2002 till December 2002, the anti-Muslim pogroms, is the dry run. One day, this program will be extended throughout the Indian Union and all its conquests, such as the EIP. Where will we run then? Even as I write this, the media tells of the Success of this experiment in Gujarat, bringing the BJP to a thumping majority in the provincial elections. And Atal Behari Vajpayee has begun to bray that this is the beginning of their all-India sweep, reversing the general trend till now of provinces voting in Congress administrations.

During and after the French Revolution, the Usurper of the Mysore gaddi, Tipu Sultan, set about to exterminate Christianity from Mangalore. But Christianity in Mangalore had already been weakened by the efforts of the Dutch and the Pombal Schism, and the influence of Christianity had weakened over those who still called themselves Christians, backsliding into paganism.
Thus, when Napoleon's ally, Tipu took on the Mangalorean Christians, he had a cakewalk, and while many of these people did return when Tipu was overthrown and exterminated, a very large number remained and continue to be infidels to this day!

Consider then our own peril. We are weakened as the Mangaloreans were weakened. We are compromised from within, and cannot stand, unless we reform ourselves and return to the faith of Goencho Saib. So, in our present condition, what will be our fate when the soon to be extended Gujarat campaign comes to Goa? Will we not be nearly entirely wiped out? Consider how the vast majority of our people, already moving towards this end, being sufficiently paganized, will quite happily regress into full and formal paganism! The War Is Now!There are many, too many among us who see the grave peril that we find ourselves in and will only cry over it. They will indulge themselves in empty emotionalism, cry and rue our fate, but do nothing about reversing it, even claim and teach that it cannot be reversed.

But all that has happened, all that has been done in Goa is reversible!

The very fact is that we are no longer a Portuguese Dependency and that we are not a part of the Indian Union, but that we have become an Independent State with all the rights that that entails, militates in our favour.

There is only one major task before us: to force the evacuation of the invader.

But besides this, we must, in order to secure our future, revert to the Catholic faith — whole, complete and entire: to the faith of Goencho Saib, Pad Juze Vaz, Pad Agnel and the others. This is the only way that we can achieve our goals and secure our future.

We will not achieve our ends by mere emotionalism, by crying and weeping and wailing and doing nothing material about the situation. This is not what our exemplars, Goencho Saib, Pad Juze Vaz, Pad Agnel, etc., did. We must stop idolizing our exemplars and start imitating their activism. Like them, like their Catholic Majesties, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel of Spain, the Christerois of Mexico, like Moreno y Garcia, President of Ecuador and martyr against the Freemasons, and other Christian patriots, we too will have to make sacrifices, to organize armed resistance and to force out the invaders and to bring the traitors to book. This is our task, the duty that we owe to God and to our posterity. Progress BoldlyIn sum, then, I want you, my compatriots to awaken, and to seize upon the present moment as the right time to begin, to commence our fight. We must push our priests, bishops and clergy to return to the true Catholic faith. We must organize our Government and entities to train and raise our national army, to take on the invader and force him out. We can no longer afford to sleep on these matters, but we must
progress boldly, fearing only God and his justice.

For God is on our side, the side of truth and justice. The Goan freedom struggle is based foursquare upon truth, law and morality. Therefore it will become a fire that will rage up and consume our enemy — this edifice and monument of lies that is called the Indian Union.

The elephant has set upon the ant, and will be stung in turn and made lame — made to fall down with a great crash! This is the power of truth!

The invader boasts and derides us. He boasts that he has us in thrall, under anaesthesia, as he goes about lobotomising us. He mocks and is amused that a few of us have awoken from the stupor and strive to gain full consciousness. But our truth is such a great force that it will strike out and consume him and entirely destroy him, making him a byword and a memory — a memory to be derided and scoffed at!

This is our confidence in our God — if we will be faithful! For does not He assure us: If you are faithful and keep my commandments, one of you shall stand against a hundred of your enemies and make them to flee. But if you are unfaithful, I will undermine you, and a hundred of you shall flee from before one man out of your enemy.

By: Prakash Joao Maskaren


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