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Monday, April 21, 2008


If there is one Goemcar, in Goem, for whom I have the most profound respect and admiration, it is Floriano Lobo. This 'manik' from Moiddea has put his life on hold to do battle with the 'rakshasas' who loot, rape and pillage Goem and Goemcars. With little regard for his and his family's well being , nay, even safety, he has carried the war into the camp of Goa's enemies; most of whom, and the deadliest, are none other then our fellow Goemcars.

And so I am always loath to express any disagreement, when, this man of steel, this 'khodeggant' and selfless person, expresses an opinion that does not rhyme with mine.

However, in the scheme of things, this point, on which I disagree with him is so minor that I will dare express it. When one considers that what is not well with Goem; the corruption, the political misrule, the stark poverty faced by a vast majority of the populace, the lack of public sanitation, the prevalence of unhygenic conditions in public places, the lack of cleanliness in hospitals, excetra, excetra, excetra...., I could go on and on and on...... All these make anything else pale almost into insignificance.

While fighting, as long as I can remember him, all the above mentioned evils, Floriano has been valiant and vociferous. He has won victories against and has been also been bested by vested interests, ruthless in their greed. All along, I have admired and marvelled at the tenacity and courage of this modern day fighter for peoples freedom.

But I think, in his latest missive, unless I have misread his intent, Floriano is mistaken. Dhirios are not what Goem needs. Not because they encourage betting or anything of that nature, but because they are simply wrong.

Society has progressed, and where once it was considered sport to inflict cruelty for public pleasure, any deliberate imposition of pain and the spilling of blood is not only looked on as in bad taste, but in most of the world it is illegal. Our ancestors enjoyed the spectacle of dhirios, as they did cock fights, where cockerels pecked each other to death. And then the Romans enjoyed their macabre gladiatorial 'games'. But our 'sonvsar' has 'sudorlo' and even though Spain has its bloody bull fights, the civilised world looks with abhorrence on the Spaniards as they bay for the blood of a hapless animal.

So I once again strongly suggest that Floriano rethink his stance. The length of my epistle is because I admire the man. But as his constant supporter, I believe I owe him and that I have the right, to point out any discrepancy, that I believe has crept into his otherwise laudable undertakings.

Carry on the fight my brave niz Goemcar friend.

But not to reinstate dhirios.


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