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Friday, June 22, 2007

May his soul rest in peace

Comment: A worker in Concannim's vineyard has passed to his reward. Requeisant in pace.

Konkani Film Researcher Andrew Greno Viegas passes away

The Dalgado Konkani Academy has condoled the sad and untimely death of Andrew Greno Viegas, who passed away at around 7.00 am today. DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo said that "the young, enthusiastic and soft-spoken Goan researcher has rendered yeoman service to much-needed research in Konkani cinema and songs. Though his treatise on Konkani movies has been acknowledged widely here and abroad, Andrew's longing to publish his research on Konkani tiatr and songs remained unfulfilled". Andrew's possessions include a rare and rich collection of old gramophone records of Konkani songs besides several other items like film posters. He would consistently write on Konkani films and his well-researched articles appeared in several publications over the years.

From: Goacom


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