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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Comment: Come one, come all. Goemcaranno this is as good a cause as we will get to stand up and be counted. All Goemcars should come to the aid of our mother tongue and donate generously toward the publication of this much needed, for Goemcars 'povitr pustok'.
Let us commence the crusade in earnest and set the means to learn our mother tongue firmly within the grasp of every Goemcar, everywhere.
Please contact the email address in the article below and kick start the move to preserve our lovely maim bhas.

TSKK's Konkani Course Book

Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) is glad to inform you that the long-awaited course to teach Konknni to beginners, "Romi Lipient Konknni Kors", Konknni Course in Roman Script prepared by Fr Matthew Almeida, SJ, is ready for publication. It teaches the standard Konknni found in the recently published Konknni Bible, Povitr Pustok, and other recent church literature using the Roman alphabet to write Konknni. It uses modern linguistic principles and strategies of language learning and teaching, meeting the long-felt need of those who want to learn Konknni without having to learn a new script. The main text of the lessons is given in Roman script Konknni. The basic Konknni grammar, however, is explained in English, and it is applied through graded structures used in each lesson. The exercises provided after each lesson have instructions both in Konknni and in English. The necessary Konknni vocabulary is given in each lesson. At the beginning of the course there is a small section on proper Konknni pronunciation, and a section of 50 pages at the end gives the necessary Konknni-English and English-Konknni vocabularies. The handy sized (5.6” X 8.5”) book will have 252 pages.Unfortunately, TSKK lack funds to typeset and print the course, which comes to about Rs. 70,000, and hopes some generous well wishers come forward to help pay this last bit of expense, to produce the book in a month or two. Address for communication: mailto:

Taken from Goacom


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