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Saturday, April 21, 2007

True Son of Goem; Father of Goem's Statehood

Comment: Dotor Jack de Sequeira was a grandson of Moira. He was a great son of Goem. His contribution to the preservation of the political entity that is Goem today will never be surpassed. His being remembered, belatedly, by Goemcars, is deserved and totally fitting. May his soul rest in eternal peace and here on earth may his legacy, the legacy of Goem, remain alive and well forever.


Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Suresh Mehta unveiled the statue of late Dr Jack de Sequeira, known as the Father of the Opinion Poll and the first Opposition leader of the Goa Legislative Assembly, at the Dona Paula circle on the occasion of the latter's 92nd birth anniversary on April 20 evening. Later at a function, Admiral Mehta, who is also the son-in-law of Dr Sequeira, said, "I shudder to think what might have been if Goa would have merged with Maharashtra. Dr Sequeira served Goa with whole-hearted devotion, to preserve Goa's identity, language and culture," he said. Mayor Tony Rodrigues said that if not for Dr Sequeira, Goa would have been just another far-flung district of Maharashtra. Former Vasco MLA Vasant Joshi spoke of old times, when he was on the opposing side with the MGP. "We were rivals, but I will say that Dr Sequeira was an honest, upright and an outstanding gentleman," he said.' Late Babu Naik's son Gourish, who also spoke on the occasion, assured that Goa would soon have its third statue of the great leader in Salcete. Former CM Luis Proto Barbosa and former Santo Andre MLA Teotonio Pereira detailed their association with Dr Sequeira. The function commenced with a song rendered by Sigmund D'Souza hailing the Father of the Opinion Poll as a true son-of-the-soil "Goencho Niz Put". [GT]


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