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Friday, June 08, 2007


Comment: The newly elected Congress legislators have decided to elect Digambar to the CM's gadi. This was no labour of love. Rane and Ravi would not between them have the other in place and in the end decided on Kamat-bab.

Kamat a Saraswat has proven once again that bamon budh will triumph. No amount of muscle or money power has been able to suppress his ilk. Despite the fall of the other two Saraswat stalwarts Willy and Sardinha, the bamon camp have recouped their losses with the election of Digambar.

For the loss of a Deputy CM and a Speaker, the Saraswats have secured a Chief Minister. An acceptable exchange. If this were a game of chess,one would compare this manoeuvre as the sacrifice of a bishop and a rook in order to reinstate a Queen.

This is a very bitter pill for the likes of Radharao Gracias and his merry band. A band of bamon hating rabble rousing self deluding unreliables with badly corroded backs. Backs worn out with unwholesome self patting .

Put this latest turn in your pipes and smoke it Radharao and Co.


MLA Digambar Kamat emerged as the consensus candidate of the Congress-led coalition for chief minister’s post tonight.
Kamat who is a legislator since 1994, will be sworn-in as the chief minister on Friday along with three others including Sudin Dhavlikar of MGP, Vishwajeet Rane (Independent) and one from the NCP, sources said.Though GPCC chief Ravi Naik’s name was cleared by the High Command on Wednesday there was stiff opposition from the Pratapsing Rane-Dhavlikar camp prompting the AICC to depute two senior emissaries – Union Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and member of the AICC disciplinary committee R K Dhawan to resolve the impasse.As MGP became a major player besides Vishwajeet in government formation as the Congress has only 16 MLAs, Rane-Dhavlikar camp lobbied hard to oppose Ravi’s candidature and proposed Kamat’s name.Shinde and Dhawan had several rounds of meetings with legislators of the coalition. A Congress legislature meeting was convened at 10 pm where the members came to a broad consensus past midnight to make Kamat as their leader. Ravi who came close to getting the top post, lost out due to factionalism in the Congress. While he and Rane were battling it out, Dayanand Narvekar was also trying his luck though he had no support. The moment Digambar’s name was cleared, angry supporters of Ravi protested against the decision and shouted slogans against the High Command at Cidade de Goa hotel premises, where the central leaders were holding meeting. Earlier in the day, the Rane-MGP camp lobbied hard to oppose Ravi’s candidature for the top post. In fact, Sudin Dhavlikar and his brother Deepak called on the Governor S C Jamir extending support to Congress if Pratapsing Rane is made the chief minister.Central emissaries Shinde and Dhawan, member of central disciplinary committee, had a one-on-one consultation with all the 16 MLAs-elect.Ravi enjoyed more support among the MLAs but the proposal favouring Kamat was acceptable to both the groups.Known for his friendly disposition, Kamat was in the Congress for many years until 1994 when the BJP nominated him from Margao after he was denied ticket by Congress. He quit Parrikar government in February 2005 and was re-elected twice from Margao since then.

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