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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Comment: It is good to know that this son of Goem is still being remembered and revered a quarter of a millennium after his passing away. A pioneer who introduced the western world to Goemcar genius, Abbe Faria progeny of the fair village of Candolim, needs to be honoured.

Well done Dom Martin and Luis Vaz!!

Time now for the Government of Goem to do something that will promote the legacy of this renowned Goemcar so that generations present and future, will know that there lived a man, whose towering intellect shone like a beacon centuries ago, alerting mankind to the genius inherent in amchem bhangarachem Goem.

Sommeil Lucide on Abbe Faria website

Coinciding with 251st birth anniversary of the Goan pioneer hypnotist Abbe Faria on May 31, 2007, Dom Martin, the talented, enthusiastic and enterprising Goan artist settled in the US, has uploaded onto his website the original French text of De La Cause Du Sommeil Lucide, Abbe Faria's opus, with the preface and introduction by D.G. Dalgado, the Goan scientist who published Abbe Faria's work on his 150th birth anniversary in 1906, and an English summary of the work. This resource would be of use to Goans and others interested in Abbe Faria and knowing French. Dom Martins website was launched to canvas support for the cause of a postage stamp in honour of the Abbe being issued by India, Portugal and France, the three countries with which Faria was associated in his lifetime, having been born in India, lived in Portugal for a while and done his major research and died in France.The only missing documents are Faria's doctorate thesis presented at the College of Propaganda Fide and the only extant letter he wrote to Goa along with which he sent an oratory to his adoptive sister, Catarina. Anyone in possession of these two items would be doing Dom Martin and Goa a favour by forwarding them to the website. [Luis Vas ]

From Goacom


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