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Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Servant Of The Church

Comment: A good man, deservedly well remembered. Fr Gregory obviously toiled long and hard in the vineyard of the Lord. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The village of Bogmalo is indeed a salubrious one. The author of this fulsome piece has made the Bogmalo of bygone days appear like an Eden on earth. Maybe it was. But then memories always tend to lend a golden tinge to things remembered.

Remembering Fr Gregory Luizinho D’Cruz

Fr Gregory L D’Cruz, who served the Mangalore Diocese for over five decades, passed away on June 18 , 2006, at Fr Mueller’s Hospital, Kankanady, Mangalore.
Lord must have welcomed him with open arms since Fr Gregory toiled in Lord’s vineyard tirelessly and selflessly with love and dedication for 58 years.The height of a gigantic tree cannot be perceived when you stand beneath it but only when you view it from a distance. Similarly, the greatness of a man, his achievements can be assessed when viewed from a considerable period of time. Fr Gregory was a colossus among all the priests of Mangalore Diocese. Born at Bogmalo at a time when simplicity, unity, solidarity, co-operation and religiosity were the hallmark of Bogmalites. Jealousy, malice, hatred was never heard of. Fr D’Cruz possessed extra-ordinary skills in community development, motivation of youngsters, and not forgetting his impressive achievements in the promotion of education, music, singing and culture.When schooling at the age of 10, tragedy befell the household when their father Antonio died leaving behind 6 sons and 3 daughters. After passing Portuguese “Primeiro Grau” and “Segundo Grau”, Fr Gregorio enrolled himself in Rachol Seminary in 1943 for studying Philosophy. Thereafter, he opted to serve Mangalore Diocese and joined the Jappu Seminary, Mangalore, where he was ordained a priest on April 6, 1948. He celebrated his first Mass at SS Cosme and Damiao Chapel, Bogmalo, on April 11, 1948.Endowed with a fine personality, a great reservoir of goodwill, infinite capacity for work, gifted with foresight and vision, Fr Gregory was totally committed and dedicated to his Ministry. Brimming with vibrant dynamism, enthusiasm, indomitable energy to oratory skills Fr D’Cruz enthralled youngsters of every parish wining the hearts of young and old. He left his indelible mark in each and every place of posting by constructing parish halls, auditoriums, educational institutions etc, and was popularly known as “Builder Priest”. Fr Gregory was also known to have established children’s fund exclusively for the welfare of kids below five in many parishes. Appreciating his services, I understand Fr D’Cruz’s superiors offered him the position of Bishop but was politely declined by this holy priest not once but thrice.Fr Gregory lived a simple life of total commitment and dedication in Lord’s vineyard. He was honest, selfless with no ambition to amass wealth. Paying rich tributes to Fr Gregory at the funeral oration, Fr Joseph Martis compared the life of Fr D’Cruz to a candle. “He lived his whole life for others, literally,” he said. Through his actions and deeds, Fr Gregory has carved a niche in Lord’s vineyard. Though we have a lost a selfless, warm, generous, deeply spiritual, loving and affectionate priest, may his life be worthy of emulation by others - laity as well as those aspiring to join religious life.

From OHeraldo


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