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Sunday, July 22, 2007

O To Be A Siolcar

Comment: What a magnificent heritage to be proud of. What a grandiose tradition to uphold. What a legacy to bequeath. Siolcars, all over the world, must look on these great doyens of music, from their lovely village, and hold their heads a little higher. O to be a Siolcar.

But all Goemcars can revel in the glory that these niz sons of our motherland brought to amchem bhangarachem Goem.

Siolcars to revive their rich musical traditions

There were times when musicians were dime a dozen in Goa, because every village produced them in the local parochial school. Over the years, things have changed tremendously, musicians are in good demand, earn well, but do we find the likes of Johnson Carvalho, Antoninho de Souza, Reginald Fernandes, Cruz Noronha, Tequila Basil and tunesmiths of their calibre. However, in Siolim, there has been an attempt to revive the old traditions and set up a much needed music school soon.With this aim in mind, some enthusiastic sons of Siolim gathered under an organisation called "Amigos do Santo Antonio" in Dubai, have come forward to establish the music school. They had organised a dance in Dubai on 14th June and raised funds for the proposed project.To begin a sort of awareness on the project their representatives in Goa - Tony D'Souza, Romaldina D'Souza, Santos D'Souza and others - will hold a programme on July 21 at 6.30 pm at St Anthony's Community Hall. The programme will take off with a display of the photographs of a number of revered Siolcar musicians - Johnson Carvalho, Reginald Fernandes, Antoninho de Souza, Cruz Noronha, Tequila Basil and others. The small gallery of framed portraits will be inaugurated by some of the legends who are still alive. The presentation will also include a first-time documentation of Siolim musicians including the past maestros as well as those who have been rising in the popularity recently.Some of the veteran musicians will be felicitated with a small memento on the occasion. The programme will also include a tiatr by a prominent Goan dramatist.

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