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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Suspiros de Goemcars

As the Spaniards would say. The sighs of Goemcars. Padr Pratap, (why is he not called by the Concannim title Bap Pratap?), has put his finger on all that ails Goem. It is a long list. Alas, there is not much time. The 'samudra' of 'merde' that is sweeping across our 'bhangarachem Goem' has turned into a tsunami and soon, unless an unlikely miracle happens, will engulf and forever relegate Goem and Goemcarpon to the pages of faint legend.

People down the ages will talk of a land, beyond the end, that once hosted a race, that was imperfect but still the best. Speak of a place that was GOD's own little acre.

Goem will be the Atlantis of the east.

Ai, ai, noxibachi cotti.


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