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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dastardly Deeds

From one of the cradles of world civilizations. From the womb that begat Asoka, Vikramaditya, Akbar, Gandhi, Tagore, Radhakrishna, Nehru, Vivekananda. From the land that swears by the principles of ahimsa. Orissa.

The nation that purports to have leap frogged into modernity, the country that is poised to take its place amongst the world elite, from the homeland that is mother to some of the brainiest people in the world. Orissa.

The country that discovered the zero, from the geniuses that built the jantar mantar, from the architects of Taj Mahal, from the inventors of ayurveda and yoga. Orissa.

Nothing that Bharat Mata achieves will ever obliterate the senseless stupidity that blights the land in the guise of religious fervour. India must start being true to its constitutional charter. Secularism must be enforced with a zeal that makes any attacks on it a heinous offence and a social stigma.

No longer must the likes of Thackeray be allowed to prance around giving the impression that secularism is theirs to dispense to or dispense with. An iron fist must crash out the savage tendencies which if left un-excised will destroy the fabric of the country and disintegrate the nation that is India.

Only then can India take its rightful place at the table of the nations of the civilised world. If not, however many crore-pattis, however clever the nuclear scientists, however invincible the armed forces, the land of the Indus Valley civilization, the inheritors of hoary Harappa and Mohenjodaro, will always appear to the world nothing but, scum. Animals bent on self destruction and mayhem.


Xanno Moidecar

NB I am too shocked to get into full flow. Maybe some other time I shall be able to express my outrage and sense of disgust in a more fitting fashion.



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