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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mandovi-cho Doryea

Mhadei River, the lifeline of GoaThe Mhadei (Mandovi river) or Mahadayi (Great Mother), which originates in the Degaon village of Karnataka is a lifeline of Goa. It drains 1,580 sq km of the geographical area of Goa. The major rivers of India are almost all inter-state rivers. Mhadei is also an inter-state river which originates in Karnataka and flows through Goa and Maharashtra. It may not come under major rivers of the country, but definitely it is an important river for Goa as it flows through six talukas of Goa state namely Sattari, Sanguem, Bicholim, Tiswadi, Ponda and Bardez draining almost half the geographical area of the state. Karantaka is planning to dam this lifeline of Goa. If Karnataka's plan to dam the Mahdei succeeds it will cause irreparable damage to Goa. And this will lead to water crisis in Goa due to the diversion of water from the river.

(Bhiva P Parab, NT)


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