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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Acknowledge the Abbe

An illustrious son Goa’s forgotten In the classic "The Count of Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas has a character named Abbe Faria, an old dying priest, who imprisoned at the Chateau d’If prison, France... But in real life, the priest imprisoned at the Chateau d’If, and on whom this character is loosely based, survived the incarceration and following his release from prison introduced to the world the science of hypnosis. Jose Custodio Faria, of Candolim, Goa, better known as Abbe Faria lived almost 200 years ago and punctured the theory of Franz Anton Mesmer’s that hypnotism was mediated by animal magnetism. The Abbe, whose 189th death anniversary falls on Saturday, is considered the father of hypnotism and his Goa links have been commemorated by a statue on the banks of the Mandovi. “It’s unfortunate that Abbe has not been recognised by the government of India. He falls in the category of great scientists like C V Raman,” says Tomazinho Cardozo, member of the Abbe Faria Foundation and ex-sarpanch of Candolim, the Abbe’s village.

[Alexandre Moniz Barbosa]

Accord unto the Abbe recognition that he has earned. Abbe Faria is being ignored by the Governments of India and Goa because there is no political mileage in acknowledging him.
A similar situation was faced by Goemcars when successive governments utterly disregarded the role of Jack de Sequeira. The people of Goa took matters in their own hands and displayed their affection by erecting memorials all over the land.

This is what might be needed to showcase this son of our soil to the world.

Goemcars may need to privately honour Jose Custodio. Candolim's and Goa's pride. Abbe Faria.



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