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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Crabbing Attention

Crabs, locally known as ‘kullyos’, are very popular in Goa. Madkaim, Agacaim, Sancoale and the island of Chorao are famous for good crabs. There is a local belief that crabs fatten during new moon phase, while they are light and meatless during full moon. Soyllaserrata, Portunus pelagious, Charybdis cruciata and Portunus sanguinoleutus are consumed in large numbers. Although there are spicy and not so spicy preparations, a delicious dish is ‘stuffed crabs’ - known to Hindus as ‘bharillyo kullyo’ and to Catholics as ‘caranguejos recheados’. This dish should not be mistaken with fish recheado.

[ByMelinda Pereira Kamat, TOI]

Comment: Personally I think Pereira Kamat has highlighted the fact that Goemcars are into cannibalism (please see my earlier article, 'Contradicting Darwin a la Moira-net'). Being the culleos that we Goemcars are, this love of culleos culinary concoctions must be legally banned in all of Aparanta. We do not want Cecil having sleepless nights now, do we???



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