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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Konknni vo Concannim??

Konknni vo Concannim ??
The Director of Official language Department Menino Peres, who inaugurated the Dalgado Konknni Akademi's workshop for writers at the Black Box of Kala Academy in Panjim on October, said, "Writers should make use of Orthographies published by the Goa Konkani Akademi and the TSKK in order to bring uniformity of spelling and grammar in their writing," he said. "Roman script is universally used and has acceptability in south Indian states where Devanagri script is not used for local languages. It is also an internet friendly script." Resource person Dr Pratap Naik SJ explained some of the salient features of correct Konkani writing in the Roman script. [GT]


Stating that accepting Devnagri script will further help in fostering unity and integrity of India, Dr Parmanand Panchal, General Secretary of Nagri Lipi Parishad, New Delhi, said Roman script is not suited for Indian languages and that Konkani is no exception to his. He was speaking as the chief guest after releasing a book "Dalgado on Konkani" at Institute Menezes Braganza Hall on October 6. The book is an English translation of the Portuguese introductions to the dictionaries compiled by Msgr Sebastiao Rudolfo Dalgado, a linguistic scholar or international repute and lexicographer. [H]

Comment: Konknni vo Concannim

As the popular cantar went "Amcho mog amche bhaxen tendllea mattvanni;
Tencho mog firgean bhaxen bhoron chittini."

Or the other cantar: Pedru Bomain vochon zaloi Peter
Marie Catarin zalem ......

Sari vo khomxi

Pez vo porridge

Bhakri vo chappati

Maim vo mummy

The use of Devanagiri is definitely not facile for the Christian populace of Goem. And Concannim is such a lovely language.. Poetic, musical, lilting, luscious, heavenly.

And yet, are we being disloyal to our khorre purvoz by abandoning the original script and opting for an European one?

Sangat baba.....

Kitem korchem??????


Xanno Moidecar


Anonymous KevinB said...

Its interesting. This Devnagari Romi battle.I like your post and the comparisons are interesting.

However in pursuit of a suitable script for each class of people in Goa we have lost the plot to the politician. He has used our battle for his own benefit.

We fought for Konkani against Marathi. We won.Or thats what we thought. Then Marathi was given the back door entry. It is enjoying the same benefits as Konkani. But lets not be upset about that. Whats upsetting is that Konkani and Marathi were made a medium of instruction at the primary level and whichever institution did not fall in line was denied government grants. This was the Goa politicians' rogue mentality.

The world over English is the recognised language. Proficiency in English is of paramount importance while knowledge of your local language will give you the pride in your heart and soul. However by making the medium of instruction as Konkani/Marathi, these "babus" tried to show their extra love for the language for the sake of the common vote and actually brutalised the cause.Nobody consciously realises it.Yet today parents however much they love Konkani, prefer to pay more and admit their children in private schools with an English medium of instruction at the primary level upto std IV. The politicians also do the same. They know that English can take them places. Its true. Picking up the English medium in the Vth standard can be cruelly difficult for a child. This has invariably resulted in higher cost of education for the average Goan. What an argument to lose!

So instead of making a subject in Konkani compulsory at all levels we were forced with it as a medium of instruction down our throats. Konkani as a subject is still optional at the secondary levels. What an unscrupulous method of implementation of the official language.

So what we are doing now is renewing a battle. This time within the language. Among scripts. Honestly there is no end to it. Within the Roman script there is Salcete Konkani and bardez Konkani. Go further and you find that Konkani in Margao is different from Konkani in Cuncolim to Konkani in Canacona. Konkani of the Ponjjekar is a bit different from the Konkani of the Moidecar. If everyone from all areas of Goa come up in arms for their own brand of Konkani we can have our own nice little konkani civil war.

The best way is be happy with what you use. Try to develop your love of your script with publications, cultural programmes etc. Try to seek governments approval and seek grants for such activities if you must, else your love for the script should help you to mobilise your own funds.But lets stop making an unnecessary issue out of Konkani in Roman or Devnagari.

I say this becasue someone is asking for Kannada as a language to be on par officially in Goa. And if our Goan babus find many kannadiga vote banks they will sweetly oblige. So lets stand upto our language Konkani. Devnagri or Roman does not matter.

Sadly for some it does. And the battle will only get murkier.

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