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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dr Teotonio De Souza and Leroy Veloso have written. That is enough for me.

Venita has had her rights trampled upon. All power to the elbows of those Moidecars going hammer and tongs against the bullies. An ugly breed they are too. Both on and off the Internet.

It was never my intention to criticise the behaviour of anyone present at the meeting. (I deleted the 'only one wearing the trousers ' bit almost immediately I wrote it.)

Mine was a fact finding missive.

I am well aware as to how intimidating the situation can get. In my time, in Goem, I have been on the receiving end of some quite nasty turns. Such episodes are not very pleasant experiences. The one irrefutable axiom that has always given me great succour is: all bullies are always cowards. Always.

The very fact that some village folk took the time and trouble to attend, deserves the thanks and kudos of all Moidecars. And in this acknowledgement I include the notables amongst those that natter.

And for those who disagreed with it, my paean to democracy was to emphasise that it would be the best and most lasting way to secure the goals of the village.

I am, however, still puzzled with the alliance between the three I've named in my earlier post and the Sarpanch and his supporters. Has anybody approached them for an explanation? Kitem chollta re thuim? I find it very hard to accept that the daughter of the doughty niz Moidecar Miguel Pinto Correia and the affable James would stoop to something that is unpalatable. There must be an explanation.

What is it?

I never criticise those that do and achieve things, specially when I am not at this point in time, in the position to contribute myself. And I am not alone in this quandary. It has been the lot of Goemcars for as long as anyone can remember, that we go abroad 'vet bor pottac lagon'. People who criticise my absence from Goem are either themselves working abroad for virtually the whole year, or they come from families where their parents worked abroad. As all niz Goemcars, I hope and pray, that one fine day I shall be able to return to my motherland.

My ire is always aroused when those who do nothing point fingers and decry those who do.

In this spirit I thoroughly commend the suggestions for initiating Gandhigiri. What a fine concept. In the land of the Mahatma, the power of Gandhi's policy of peaceful resistance will hopefully resonate. My prayers will be with those who embark on that satyagraha. Even for those, or rather the one, whom I do not like.

And it causes me great chagrin that at this exciting point I am being compelled to take another sabbatical. The nature of my 'pottac lagon cortan tem', requires me to go on spells where I'm nigh incommunicado. This time I shall be away for roughly a fortnight; I had initially thought it would be a month.

Inshallah, I shall return and recommence my blog writing. In the meantime, to all Moidecars, please note I'm wishing both the niz and the other kind; good speed in their public spirited activism and success.


Xanno Moidecar


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