**************DEVACHEA NAVAN ANI GOEMCARANCHEA MANNANK******************* This blog is an attempt to delve into the traditions, heritage, culture, lore and ambience that spawned an enigma. A state of mind. And to perchance perform a perfunctory probe into the psyche of the Goemcar. ************************************************************************************************* GOEMCAR: Any person anywhere in the world - Goemcar rogtacho!

Monday, December 31, 2007



I had decided that the name for this blog, The State of Goa no longer described the issues and the matters that are meant to be discussed and debated in this forum. The primary reason being the lack of niz Goemcars on the ground in our nossa terra.

Henceforth I thought, this blog should be titled The State of Goans thus more accurately describing the state of affairs in our motherland. There are, I believe, today, more niz Goemcars outside Goem than at home. Hence I thought it would be more pertinent that we re-name this blog the state of Goans and discuss matters pertaining to Goemcars rather than the state of Goa, which is at this point in history full of noveau Goans. Sad but true. I never envisaged this scenario would be reality.

However, I do not think this is necessary. As the State of Goa is more a state of mind than some land, the fact that on Goemche dottorrer there are more non Goemcars does not in any way detract from the concept of bhangarachem Goem. This Goem is in our minds and in our hearts. This Goem can never be usurped or overrun by bhailles or moradores. The state of Goa will forever remain what it is, a haven of Goemcarponn , anywhere in the world and anyone can belong to it. As long they are of Goemcar rogot. Let us then soldier on,'DEVACHEA NAVAN ANI GOEMCARANCHEA MANAK' .

Viva GOEMCARPONN. Viva bhangarachem GOEMCARPONN. Viva Goem and Goa, whereever in the world it is.

Tumcho mogal,

Xanno Moidecar