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Friday, June 22, 2007

May his soul rest in peace

Comment: A worker in Concannim's vineyard has passed to his reward. Requeisant in pace.

Konkani Film Researcher Andrew Greno Viegas passes away

The Dalgado Konkani Academy has condoled the sad and untimely death of Andrew Greno Viegas, who passed away at around 7.00 am today. DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo said that "the young, enthusiastic and soft-spoken Goan researcher has rendered yeoman service to much-needed research in Konkani cinema and songs. Though his treatise on Konkani movies has been acknowledged widely here and abroad, Andrew's longing to publish his research on Konkani tiatr and songs remained unfulfilled". Andrew's possessions include a rare and rich collection of old gramophone records of Konkani songs besides several other items like film posters. He would consistently write on Konkani films and his well-researched articles appeared in several publications over the years.

From: Goacom

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Comment: Well done Tomazinho and the DKA. This giant and a legend of Concannim literature needs to be remembered and honoured. Now the Government of Goem should step in and officially commemorate this great man.

More for the sake of Goem and Goemcar culture, than merely an aggrandisement of a literary grandmaster.

Reginaldo's books to be exhibited

It is for the first time in the history of literature in any language in Goa that the books of one writer only, Late Reginaldo Fernandes, will be exhibited by Brazinho Soares from St. Cruz on June 16 and 17 at the Institute Menezes Braganza Hall, Panjim.
The exhibition of Reginaldo Fernandes’s books is organized on the occasion of his 93rd Birth Anniversary. The function is organized by Dalgado Konknni Akademi in collaboration with Goa Konknni Akademi and Institute Menezes Braganza.The exhibition will be inaugurated by the internationally acclaimed Goan Artiste Padmashri Remo Fernandes on June 16 at 5 pm. Pundalik Naik, President of Goa Konknni Akademi will be the chief guest and Tomazinho Cardozo, President of DKA will preside over the function.Reginaldo Fernandes is the only writer in Goa and may be in the entire country, who has around two hundred titles to his credit in Konknni in Roman script. Brazinho Soares, who has a huge collection of books in Konknni in Roman script, will display over 100 titles of Mr Fernandes. The exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the lovers of Konknni language in particular to know and understand Reginaldo Fernandes and his works of fiction.

From OHeraldo

A Servant Of The Church

Comment: A good man, deservedly well remembered. Fr Gregory obviously toiled long and hard in the vineyard of the Lord. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The village of Bogmalo is indeed a salubrious one. The author of this fulsome piece has made the Bogmalo of bygone days appear like an Eden on earth. Maybe it was. But then memories always tend to lend a golden tinge to things remembered.

Remembering Fr Gregory Luizinho D’Cruz

Fr Gregory L D’Cruz, who served the Mangalore Diocese for over five decades, passed away on June 18 , 2006, at Fr Mueller’s Hospital, Kankanady, Mangalore.
Lord must have welcomed him with open arms since Fr Gregory toiled in Lord’s vineyard tirelessly and selflessly with love and dedication for 58 years.The height of a gigantic tree cannot be perceived when you stand beneath it but only when you view it from a distance. Similarly, the greatness of a man, his achievements can be assessed when viewed from a considerable period of time. Fr Gregory was a colossus among all the priests of Mangalore Diocese. Born at Bogmalo at a time when simplicity, unity, solidarity, co-operation and religiosity were the hallmark of Bogmalites. Jealousy, malice, hatred was never heard of. Fr D’Cruz possessed extra-ordinary skills in community development, motivation of youngsters, and not forgetting his impressive achievements in the promotion of education, music, singing and culture.When schooling at the age of 10, tragedy befell the household when their father Antonio died leaving behind 6 sons and 3 daughters. After passing Portuguese “Primeiro Grau” and “Segundo Grau”, Fr Gregorio enrolled himself in Rachol Seminary in 1943 for studying Philosophy. Thereafter, he opted to serve Mangalore Diocese and joined the Jappu Seminary, Mangalore, where he was ordained a priest on April 6, 1948. He celebrated his first Mass at SS Cosme and Damiao Chapel, Bogmalo, on April 11, 1948.Endowed with a fine personality, a great reservoir of goodwill, infinite capacity for work, gifted with foresight and vision, Fr Gregory was totally committed and dedicated to his Ministry. Brimming with vibrant dynamism, enthusiasm, indomitable energy to oratory skills Fr D’Cruz enthralled youngsters of every parish wining the hearts of young and old. He left his indelible mark in each and every place of posting by constructing parish halls, auditoriums, educational institutions etc, and was popularly known as “Builder Priest”. Fr Gregory was also known to have established children’s fund exclusively for the welfare of kids below five in many parishes. Appreciating his services, I understand Fr D’Cruz’s superiors offered him the position of Bishop but was politely declined by this holy priest not once but thrice.Fr Gregory lived a simple life of total commitment and dedication in Lord’s vineyard. He was honest, selfless with no ambition to amass wealth. Paying rich tributes to Fr Gregory at the funeral oration, Fr Joseph Martis compared the life of Fr D’Cruz to a candle. “He lived his whole life for others, literally,” he said. Through his actions and deeds, Fr Gregory has carved a niche in Lord’s vineyard. Though we have a lost a selfless, warm, generous, deeply spiritual, loving and affectionate priest, may his life be worthy of emulation by others - laity as well as those aspiring to join religious life.

From OHeraldo

Friday, June 15, 2007


Comment: A prolific writer who kept Goemcars absorbed and buried in his books, Reginaldo was a giant on the Concannim scene. In years to come his riveting 'romanci' will be read and treasured by Goemcars as an outstanding exemplar of the vivacity of amchi maim bhas.

DKA to observe Reginaldo Fernandes' birth anniversary

The 65th birth anniversary of one of the most popular writers of Konkani in Roman script, late Reginaldo Fernandes, will be celebrated by Dalgado Konknni Akademi by organising a two-day programme on June 16 and 17. The function is being organised in collaboration with Institute Menezes Braganza and Goa Konkani Akademi at the Institute Menezes Braganza Hall, Panjim. To remember this great personality, DKA will organise an exhibition of the books of late Reginaldo Fernandes in cooperation with Brazinho Soares. It will be inaugurated by the internationally acclaimed son of Siolim, Padmashri Remo Fernandes on June 16 at 5 pm. Pundalik Naik, President of Goa Konknni Akademi, will be the chief guest and Tomazinho Cardozo, President of DKA, will preside over the function.

A workshop will be held for the writers of Konkani in Roman script on June 17 from 10 am. In the morning session, Pundalik Naik will guide the participants on writing a short story, while in the afternoon session Dr Pratap Naik, Director of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, will enlighten the participants on writing Konkani in Roman script correctly

From Goacom

Friday, June 08, 2007


Comment: The newly elected Congress legislators have decided to elect Digambar to the CM's gadi. This was no labour of love. Rane and Ravi would not between them have the other in place and in the end decided on Kamat-bab.

Kamat a Saraswat has proven once again that bamon budh will triumph. No amount of muscle or money power has been able to suppress his ilk. Despite the fall of the other two Saraswat stalwarts Willy and Sardinha, the bamon camp have recouped their losses with the election of Digambar.

For the loss of a Deputy CM and a Speaker, the Saraswats have secured a Chief Minister. An acceptable exchange. If this were a game of chess,one would compare this manoeuvre as the sacrifice of a bishop and a rook in order to reinstate a Queen.

This is a very bitter pill for the likes of Radharao Gracias and his merry band. A band of bamon hating rabble rousing self deluding unreliables with badly corroded backs. Backs worn out with unwholesome self patting .

Put this latest turn in your pipes and smoke it Radharao and Co.


MLA Digambar Kamat emerged as the consensus candidate of the Congress-led coalition for chief minister’s post tonight.
Kamat who is a legislator since 1994, will be sworn-in as the chief minister on Friday along with three others including Sudin Dhavlikar of MGP, Vishwajeet Rane (Independent) and one from the NCP, sources said.Though GPCC chief Ravi Naik’s name was cleared by the High Command on Wednesday there was stiff opposition from the Pratapsing Rane-Dhavlikar camp prompting the AICC to depute two senior emissaries – Union Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and member of the AICC disciplinary committee R K Dhawan to resolve the impasse.As MGP became a major player besides Vishwajeet in government formation as the Congress has only 16 MLAs, Rane-Dhavlikar camp lobbied hard to oppose Ravi’s candidature and proposed Kamat’s name.Shinde and Dhawan had several rounds of meetings with legislators of the coalition. A Congress legislature meeting was convened at 10 pm where the members came to a broad consensus past midnight to make Kamat as their leader. Ravi who came close to getting the top post, lost out due to factionalism in the Congress. While he and Rane were battling it out, Dayanand Narvekar was also trying his luck though he had no support. The moment Digambar’s name was cleared, angry supporters of Ravi protested against the decision and shouted slogans against the High Command at Cidade de Goa hotel premises, where the central leaders were holding meeting. Earlier in the day, the Rane-MGP camp lobbied hard to oppose Ravi’s candidature for the top post. In fact, Sudin Dhavlikar and his brother Deepak called on the Governor S C Jamir extending support to Congress if Pratapsing Rane is made the chief minister.Central emissaries Shinde and Dhawan, member of central disciplinary committee, had a one-on-one consultation with all the 16 MLAs-elect.Ravi enjoyed more support among the MLAs but the proposal favouring Kamat was acceptable to both the groups.Known for his friendly disposition, Kamat was in the Congress for many years until 1994 when the BJP nominated him from Margao after he was denied ticket by Congress. He quit Parrikar government in February 2005 and was re-elected twice from Margao since then.

From OHeraldo

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Comment: Some of the 'bhennor', parasitic plants, has been prised away from the centre of the Goemcar political power centre. Quite a bit still remains. A couple of these resilient bloodsuckers have made a comeback.

Goemcars can only pray.

Sorvondar aiz yeatolo, falea yeatolo, pavon, pavochna!!

When a doyen of rectitude, is stuffed up the rectum, by an allegedly upright electorate from a constituency like Aldona, what hope is there for Goemcars?

And what can you call a homo erectus like Trajan? When a man of his caliber and moral and academic qualifications manages 2000+ votes from the so called educated voters of Saligao, can Goem ever, ever be free?

Ai saiba!!

Deva di amcan tuzo adhar; Dhonia tunch amcan pav.

Assembly Elections 2007 -- FINAL TALLY
MANDREM: Parsekar Laximikant (BHP) 5858, Ramakant Khalap (Cong) 4148, Menino Monteiro (&GDP) 458.
PERNEM: Sopte Ragunath (BJP) 7272, Jeetendra Deshprabhu (Cong) 4827, Apa Teli (MGP 2873.
DHARGALIM: Manohar Azgaonkar (Cong) 5049, Vithu Morajkar (BJP) 4275.
TIVIM: Nilkant Halarnkar (NCP) 8766, Sadanand Shet Tanavde (BJP) 8444, Sagrado Goveia (SGF) 541.
MAPUSA: Francisco D'Souza (BJP) 10,104, Subhash Narvekar (JD) 3258, Ryan Braganza (NCP) 2868.
SIOLIM: Dayanand Mandrekar (BJP) 7402, Uday Palekar (Ind) 5400, Milton Marquis (NCP) 3845, Dorothy Fernandes (SGC) 903.
CALANGUTE: Agnelo Fernandes (Cong) 8319, Joseph Sequeira (UDG) 5558, Anjali Malik (BJP) 5381.SALIGAO: Dilip Parulekar (BJP) 6639, Dr Wilfred de Souza (NCP) 4682, Trajan D'Mello (Ind) 2290, Salim Sayyed (SGC) 1601.
PORIEM: Pratapsing Rane (Cong) 10605, Vasudeo Parab (Ind) 6869.
ALDONA: Dayanand Narvekar (Cong) 9251, Kunda Chodankar (BJP) 6217, Fermina Khaunte (Ind) 5298, Floriano Lobo (Goa Su-Raj) 433.
PANJIM: Manohar Parrikar (BJP) 6004, Dinar Tarcar (Cong) 4560
TALEIGAO: Atanasio Monserrate (UGDP) 9641, Agnelo Silveira (BJP) 5619, Somnath Suarkar (Ind) 3833
SANTA CRUZ: Victoria Fernandes (Cong) 7385, Anil Hoble (BJP) 6040, Jennifer Monserrate (UGDP) 5868, Suresh Pilankar (SGC) 582.
SANT ANDRE: Francisco Silveira (Cong) 8593, Anthony Caiado (BJP) 6074.
CUMBHARJUA: Pandurang Madkaikar (Cong) 10016, Nirmala Sawant (Ind) 9445, Rudolf Fernandes 267.
BICHOLIM: Rajesh Patnekar (BJP) 9352, Naresh Sawal (Cong) 6657.
MAYEM: Anant Shet (BJP) 5370, Pravin Santye (Cong) 4890, Prakash Phadte (UGDP) 858.
PALE: Gurudas Prabhakar Gawas (Cong) 7768, Suresh Amonkar (BJP) 6177, Christopher Fonseca (CPI) 291.
VALPOI: Vishwajeet Rane (Ind) 8590, Puti Gaonkar (BJP) 5041.
MORMUGAO: Milind Naik (BJP) 7769, Giovani Karl Vaz (Cong) 5363, Mohamad Iqbal Shaik (SGC) 2593.
MARGAO: Digambar Kamat (Cong) 9198, Sharmad Pai Raiturkar (BJP) 7170, Johnson Menino Fernandes (SGC) 802
VELIM: Filipe Neri Rodrigues (Cong) 7965, Benajmin Silva 5211.
CANACONA: Vijay Pai Khot (BJP) 7577, Sanjay Bandekar 6868, Hemand Bernardo Gracias (SGC) 464, Agustin Fernandes (UGDP) 245.
LOUTULIM: Alexio Sequeira (Cong) 6435, Piedade Fernandes (SGC) 4894, Pausilipo dourado (Ind) 3534.
PONDA: Ravi Naik (Cong) 9972, Lavu Mamledar (MGP) 8316, Sandeep Khandeparkar (BJP) 5940.
SANVORDEM: Anil Salgaonkar (Ind) 10705, Vinay Tendulkar (BJP) 3782.
CURCHOREM: Shyam Satardekar (Cong) 10682, Ramrao Dessai (BJP) 8729
BENAULIM: Francisco Xavier (Mickky) Pacheco (NCP); 8092, John Fernandes (SGF) 7336.
CORTALIM: Mauvin Godinho (Cong) 9532, Mathany Saldanha (UGDOP) 7850, Raymond des Sa (SGF) 4452,. Mallamma Bidari (JD-S) 342.
POINGUINIM: Ramesh Tawadkar (BJP) 6158, Isidore Fernandes (Cong) 5958.
CURTORIM: Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco (SGC) 9320, Francisco Sardinha (Cong) 7493.
VASCO: Jose Philip D'Souza (Cong) 7476, Rajendra Arlekar (BJP) 6864, Carlos Almeida (JDs) 3054, Basilio Rego (UGDP) 626, Servulo Barros (MGP) 253, Milton Barreto (SGF) 239.
MARCAIM: Ramkrishna Dhavlikar (MGP) 12141, Govind Gaude (Cong) 4592, Sadnanand Naik (BJP) 1647.
PRIOL: Pandurang Dhavlikar (MGP) 7094, Vishwas Satarkar (BJKP) 4605, Kashinath Jhalmi (Cong) 2132.
SHIRODA: Mahadev Narayan Naik (BJP) 9725, Subhash Shirodkar (Cong) 9476.
FATORDA: Damodar G Naik (BJP) 7943, Vijay Sardessai Cong) 6172, Piedade Noronha (Ind) 3640, Ibrahim Maulana (UGDP) 804, SGF 473.
CUNCOLIM: Joaquim Alemao (Cong) 8909, Dr Jorson Fernandes (UGDP) 3408, Milagres Gonsalves (BJP) 1832.
SANGUEM: Vasudeo Gaonkar (BJP) 7754, Minguelino D'Costa (Cong) 5449
QUEPEM: Chandrakant Kavlekar (Cong) 9474, PrakashVelip (BJP) 83121, Paul Pereira (SGC) 2303.
NAVELIM: Churchill Alemao (SGF) 13500, Luizinho Faleiro (Cong) 8996, Jose Paul Coutinho (UGDP) 497.

From Goacom