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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas

Khuxalborit Natallam


Xanno Moidecar

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Golden Oldies


Always a pleasure to raise a glass or two to the golden oldies. As we all did, once upon a time ......

Many thanks.

Xanno Moidecar

From Nash Lobo:


Mozo poti Bombaim gela, tacho usko maka zala...2
Ani nimanne rati sopeacher boison, beiju maka dila ...2

Ch.Poti ie Poti ie, tujea gopan maka ghe..2

Potti attik dorun voddi, sogli rath tho chimtte kaddi...2
Ani thambo nastanam khobro sangtaloi, ghodi ghodi....2
Poti ie Poti ie, ani gopan maka ghe...2
Khattir eksurim anv lovtam, sopnant tujexim re pavtam...2
Tum mhunnon sozmon uxeak veng marun gopan mojea ghetam...2
Poti ie Poti ie, ani gopan maka ghe...2
Kuttumb ghodunk vell lainaka, veguinch bombaim vhor re maka...2
Kalliz hem mhojem axeta poti gopant gheunk tujea....2
Poti ie Poti ie, ani gopan maka ghe...2
Mhojea poti-xim vetelim, akhem voros bhor rautelim...2
Ani dogam assam tim tegam zatokoch, babak gheun ghara ietelim....2


Kavlea kiteak rodtai daran, konnui marit tuca faran - 2
Mojea potichi khobor, hadleai tor taran, vegim sang re borean....2
Kavlean recad macam dilo, mozo jui fuxeal zalo...2
Rautam poti mujea aikomcheac talo, mateac marun zelo..2
Mozo poti etoch gara, macam capdam adit bara..2
Tuca saguadic pilam ditelim tera, Kanvlea muzea dera...2
Aizu dissu noire sonvar, poti gheun ailo monvar..2
Poti gara pavosor boschina zeunar, korun rautam zinwar...2
Potik vorsam zalim tissu, Sodanch mezun aslim dissu...2
Kanvlea ugdasac tucam ditelim missu, voni tuzi consu...2
Mozo poti ietoch zoddun, novem ghor bandtelim moddun...2
Kanvlea sodankal amguer ieo re, tum uddun, gunter tuzo soddun..2
Kanvlea kiteak zatai tensar, udon zadar bos re pontarAni khoxechem tujem korxi re kantar, anvium koratm zentar...2
Kanvlea moipas tuzo dacoi, ani pakam tuzim kissoi...2
Sarkich poti xim muzea marre zompoi, veguim gara apoi...2
Kanvlean recad maca adlo, mozo poti gara ailo..2
Ani suca sontosacho abrasu dilo, poleac tenkon polo...2

Viva Amchi Bhas

Dnyanpeeth awardee Kelekar calls for formation of Konkani state:

Noted writer and Gandhian thinker, Ravindra Kelekar, who has bagged the prestigious Dnyanpeeth award, on December 15, has called for the formation of a Konkani state with the inclusion of all Konkani speaking areas from Sindhudurg in Maharashtra, Goa and Jog Falls in Karnataka. Kelekar made the statement while replying to his felicitation jointly organised by the Goa Konkani Academy, Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Asmitai Pratishthan and all the Konkani kendras from different talukas of Goa.


Language row mars Kelekar’s felicitation:

Goa’s official language politics cast its shadow on the function held at Ravindra Bhavan to felicitate Jnanpith award winner Ravindra Kelekar, which was otherwise a somber occasion. The president of Goa Konkani Academy Pundalik Naik warned Chief Minister Digambar Kamat over any attempts to amend the official Language bill. “Give what is good for the people, not what people ask,” he advised Kamat. Continuing with his tirade, Naik then directed his barbs at Roman Konkani protagonists saying he tolerated ‘diversity’ but not ‘separatism’. “Separatism mixes poison and indicates terrorism. There are efforts to disturb unity,” he warned the Chief Minister.



I know Pundalik Naik from the days of the Konkanni agitation. He was a good Convener. A good publicist. A good figure head.

Thousands of Goemcars gave money, time, and even their lives. Amongst these a vast majority of active participants were members of the Catholic populace of Goem.

I do not know how logical or ethical it is for Pundalik-bab to deny the chief participants, nay the architects of the agitation, their wishes. His directive to the Chief Minister, not to give to the people what they ask for but only that what is good for them,unfortunately, has been the mantra of those down the ages, whom have been bent on denying the rights of man.

Is Pundalik is wannabe dictator?

The clarion call by Bab Ravindra Kelekar sets my blood racing. This could be one of the best opportunities available for us 'Koknne', the Konkanni speaking masses, to seize the initiative and seek our very own state, where our mother tongue, though in varied accents, will be spoken by an overwhelming majority of the denizens.

If we can set aside our religious bigotry then the sky is the limit.

Viva Konkanni.


Xanno Moidecar