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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tiartristancho Pai and other legendary giants

On April 17, 1892, Joao Agostinho Fernandes, from Borda-Margao, Caetaninho Fernandes from Taleigao, Agostinho Mascarenhas from Mungul-Margao and yet another whose details are still unknown under Lucasinho Ribeiro’s banner “Goa Portuguese Dramatic Troupe’, staged the first ever Konkani tiatr at New Alfred Theatre, Bombay, called ‘Italian Bhurgo’.

After the success of this pioneering effort, Joao Agostinho Fernandes took to writing plays of his own. Thus the first ever original tiatr script within a 7-act stand system, ‘Sundori Cavelchi’, was firs stage in Bombay in 1895. Born on December 4, 1871, the late Joao Agostinho Fernandes was fondly referred to as ‘Pai Tiatrist’ by his own contemporaries in 1920s.

Goa’s tiatrist fraternity on Friday called upon the government to declare the popular tiatr as an industry to give a further boost to this traditional form of art. Demand to bestow industry status to tiatr was raised at a function held at the Ravindra Bhavan here this morning to observe the 61st death anniversary of “Pai Tiatrist” Joao Agostinho Fernandes. Noted tiatrist Prince Jacob set the ball rolling when he said the time has come to declare tiatr as an industry. He contended there are around 25 professional groups, comprising of more than 500 artistes, who have kept the tiatr alive without any government facilities and assistance.

From Gomantak Times

Comment: This galaxy of giants helped keep Goemcar heritage alive. Prince Jacob is keeping up the great work done by the brotherhood and sisterhood of tiartrists. They deserve all the help and kudos that can be put their way.

GOD rest those artistic legends who have passed away and grant the present day ones strength and inspiration to carry on.

Xanno Moidecar


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Contradicting Darwin

Darwin may well have been right. I wish I could counter with certitude that he was not, but I cannot. Not in the face of an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community. The grouse that I have with old Charles is that, even if he were right, couldn't he have kept the facts of our evolution to himself?

Yes, Darwin may well have been right, but there is one glaringly obvious anomaly to his theory. Darwin surmised that man's immediate predecessor was an ape. As far as the rest of the world is concerned this is true, but, and I can say this with absolute certainty; the exception are Goemcars. More of this later.

Siolim can rightly claim the crown for being the cultural capital of Goa. A tidal wave of talent has emanated from this lush village. Writers, musicians, artists, cartoonists, fashionistas, eminent members of the clergy et al have been given to the world by this manik amongst Goan villages.The flow of talent from Siolim is extraordinary. Names like Reginald, Johnson, Remo, Alexys, Wendel etc., etc., etc., resound the length and breadth of amchem bhangarachem Goem. Every Goemcar looks on with a glow and a sense of deep pride, at the achievements of the sons and daughters of Siolim.

There have been many occasions for me to visit the lovely landscape of Siolim. And I would love to do so again and again and again. My family and I have been very fortunate, at some time or the other in our lives, to have been beholden to and indeed loved very close friends either hailing from or with strong family ties to Siolim. How I wish, and I bet so does every Goemcar, I could have some of the proud heritage of the Siolcars.

Now for Darwin and his theory of evolution. Goemcars have definitely not descended from apes. We are more exotic than that. We, Goemcars have descended from those sideways walking creatures the crabs. The 'culleos' that inhabit our riverine habitat are the true evolutionary predecessors of Goemcars. Yes the very same ones that we devour with such relish. The ones that go to make the tongue tingling culleanchem xek xek, the delicious stuffed crab a la O Coquiero, the ones that every Goemcar lad used to snare in his 'cavvan' along the banks of our village rivers.

What proof do I have for this theory? Elementary. Absolutely undeniable, incontrovertible, proof, is what I have. I, ladies and gentleman, cite and give you as my first and most telling exhibit: Cecil 'the culli' Pinto.

Need I say any more?This niz Goemcar, this great Goan man of letters, this sound, and some would say something else, son of Aldona, this magnificent pseudo Moidecar. This great exhibit is the direct linkage of Goemcars with our hallowed genetic ancestors the crabs of the world.

Those who have read Pinto's article on Gomantak Times will understand. They will immediately recognise the crab mentality. The 'lets pull down whom so ever is above me so that no one can escape' thinking that is so renowned of crabs. Cecil has excelled himself. He obviously does not like Remo. Has Remo subjected this 'culli' to some personal slight? This is very unlikely,as the great musician surely cannot be moving in the same petty circles as Pinto . But then in my experience 'culleos' do not need acquaintance with each other to exhibit their coarsest tendencies. A crab caught at the 'mannos' will as happily drag down one trapped at the other end of the 'ponnd' as it would its own brother crab. Remo's talent, charisma, charm, ability are so universally recognised that our 'culli' can not only not aspire to those heights, he cannot even dream of them. And so I assume this explains the lets drag him down to the level of the rest of us in the Goan basket act by the 'culli'. It is the 'culli' genes manifesting themselves in all their festering malignancy.

This particular 'culli' apparently thinks he has publicised a devastating expose of Remo. That he has given an exclusive insight into the fact that Remo is but a man. A mere mortal. A human being with failings. A music god with feet of clay. While the whole of India kow tows to the magic of Remo's music, Culli Pinto, (pinto by the way is Portuguese for chicken) seems to want the world to know that he is exposing Remo's weakness. He wants it to be made public loud and clear that Remo expects extra special treatment. That yes, Remo is a prima donna. Oh my gosh, what a journalistic coup. 'Culli' expects us all to be stunned that the great Remo is not a saint. Wah re wah Culli Pinto.

And our Culli Pinto is perfect. He has never availed of unfair advantage. He has always trodden the straight and narrow. He has never used any of his contacts or connections to squeeze an extra bit of undeserved cake his way. I cannot remember 'the culli' claiming immaculate conception, not yet at least. But it should be but a matter of time now.

And so ladies and gentlemen, I give you the one who escaped Darwin's evolutionary net, the connection that Charles did not think of. Our very own and direct relative to the world of our evolutionary ancestors the crabs. The Goan missing link.

The one and only; Cecil 'the culli' Pinto.



Xanno Moidecar