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Friday, July 25, 2008

Nom de plume

I think, in view of Edgar's missive, I should reveal my identity. Nothing would interest me more than to cross swords with people of the caliber of Augusto. On no condition though would I want the hassle that constant repartee entails. I, like many a notable of yore, find it more my pace to be able to write as and when I want. Not often do I find the time to bother with the prattle of the hoi polloi. Occasionally I will go out of my way to respond. I am not a vindictive man. Not only does vengeance defeat its own purpose, it also corrodes the holder of the grudge. O the toll of simmering anger.....

So maybe after all I shall not reveal myself. Or then again I may......

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Moidecars and the vendetta of a Salgaoncar

I was alerted, if that is the word I'm looking for, to the advertising of my blog, on Moira-net. I was surprised that either of the two moderators, one a niz moidecar and the other a pseudo, would have the magnanimity to announce my presence.

And so I checked Moira-net and lo and behold, it was Frederick Noronha and not the two moidecars.

I had, since some time now, out of sheer irritation, expunged all mention of Moira-net from my blog. I found the pitter-patter betwixt the two moderators, juvenile, self laudatory, delusional; in short, silly. It reminded me of the good old ditty, a favourite of many a drunkard, that went thus or somewhat thus: O O drink a drink a drinker; Lily the pinker, pinker, pinker; saviour of, the human race; so they gave him; 'medicinal compound'; and now he is the Emperor of Rome. In this case, our two very own emperors of Rome.

And so Augustus Caesar so referred to by Antonius Rex, so referred to by Augustus Caesar, (lord give me strength), in the throes of (Bacchanalian?) hubris, have set out to stamp their agenda and authority - pathetic in the extreme - on the fair horizon of nossa terra de Moira.

And the one man to be held responsible for this, is none other then, the incredibly talented, astute, enterprising, gifted, nay of a brilliant journalistic mind and mettle - Frederick Noronha. This distinguished son of Goem and Saligao so very obviously holds a secret grudge against Moira, Moidecars and all things Moidechem, that he has set the two most ill equipped, ill mannered, uncouth, unpleasant, un-representative persons from Moira in charge of a vehicle that is supposed to espouse the cause of my village.

Frederick, please!!!! Let bygones be bygones. If any Moidecar has ever done anything to deserve this, please forgive. Do not let Moira suffer any more. We have had enough.

Get rid of the two silly boys and let somebody who really loves and respects Moira and Moidecars take over.

For heaven's sake man, give Moira a break .............